3 Simple and Effective Youtube Video Marketing Tips

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youtube video marketingLast night a friend of mine and a fellow online marketer by the name of Dwayne Pile hosted a webinar for our online marketing and lead generation system. Dwayne shared how he was ranking in the top 3 positions on youtube for just about any keyword he was targeting. Although Dwayne is an expert in paid marketing on youtube, he also shared how he was able to generate 38 leads in one day with no paid advertising, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment as these are residual traffic and leads. This post will describe my top 3 youtube video marketing tips that I took away from this powerful training and that I’ve learned from my own video marketing efforts.

1.) Put a strong “call to action” in your videos

Too many marketers make videos and at the end of the video they may put a link to their website, but they do not give crystal clear instructions on what to do next. I’m not sure if this is because many marketers don’t believe they posses enough value to tell their prospects what to do or if they simply have never been taught to do this. At the end of each one of your marketing videos tell your prospects to visit your website and give them a reason why they would want to do that.

For example: “Click the link below this video for some more free training on how you can generate up to 38 leads a day for your business. Do it right now and I look forward to helping your create the business and life that you deserve.” 

I’ve found that it’s helpful to not only be super clear with what you want your video viewers to do next but also what will happen when they get there.So for example could say,

“If what I’m saying in this video makes sense to you and your ready to take your business to the next level, go to the website at the bottom of this screen. Your going to get another video from me when you get there so I look forward to seeing you soon and I look forward to seeing you at the top.”

2.) Title your videos with the keyword you are targeting

This probably seems like common senes to the experienced marketer but the title of your video is really going to determine if anyone is actually going to see your video or not. Not putting proper titles and tags in your videos can mean that you basically wasted your time making the video in the first place. And as entrepreneurs time is our most valuable resource so we have to be very careful how we spend it. Especially if our time is limited due to a J.O.B. or other commitments and responsibilities.

Lets say you are targeting a keyword like, “Herbalife Distributors.”

You could title your youtube video,    “Herbalife Distributors – 3 Simple Marketing Tips for Herbalife Distributors”

See how we used the Keyword twice in our headline? We will also want to “tag” the video with the same keyword as well as variations of it like, “herbalife distributors in texas.” We will also want to use the keyword “herbalife distributors” in the description of our video. If the description is 3 paragraphs long I would suggest using the keyword between 2-3 times. If our description is 5 paragraphs long I would recommend using the keyword 3-5 times.

3.) Be Genuine, Be Honest, Be Yourself

When I first started making videos I thought that the only way anyone would pay attention to me and listen to me is if I portrayed myself as being very professional. So i dressed up in a suit and turned the camera on. The video was terrible and it produced zero results. After a while I realized that if I made videos wearing a hoodie or a t-shirt and stopped trying to be something that I wasn’t, more people would respect that and resonate with me.

People want to see you as a genuine, flawed human being just like them because they want to know that they can do what you do. So the idea of creating a professionally edited video with special effects and a ton of bells and whistles may actually be LESS EFFECTIVE than a video of you standing in front of your video camera in your own living room.

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