2 Reasons YouTube and Video Marketing is the Business Building Solution You’re Seeking

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Are you a network marketer or another type of online business owner?

If so, how is your business doing?

Even if you are a network marketer or online marketer who’s successfully building a huge team… Don’t you want more business and more leverage and more free ways to promote your business?

Enter the YouTube and online video marketing solution!

Here are two reasons why learning video marketing will improve your sales right now.

#1 – Video is HIGH TRUST which leads to HIGH sales conversions

#2 – YouTube Videos get lots of Search Engine LOVE which will skyrocket your website traffic 

I could go on and on about the number of people watching youtube videos as opposed to watching Television, or how even major corporations are veering away from traditional media advertising campaigns and veering towards sites like YouTube but is all that really necessary?

Bottom line is this – To build your business you require more traffic, leads and sales, YES?

So if learning how to get videos to rank on Google and other major search engines can skyrocket your traffic?…

And if making compelling videos BREEDS TRUST with your prospects so they PERCEIVE you as a trustworthy authority??…

Then by learning YouTube and video marketing have you found a winning combination for growing your business?

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YouTube Video Marketing My Video Marketing Story

Back in early 2009, when I was first getting started making money and building businesses online, YouTube and video marketing was the strategy that allowed me to really breakthrough. At the time I desperately needed a marketing strategy that was low cost and that could produce high returns on my time and energy. 2 of the first things I ever learned in business was that #1 – you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills and #2 – massive actions leads to massive results. So I began making videos, even when I didn’t know exactly what to say, or what I was talking about, I began turning on the camera and taking action.

After a little while I got up to where I was averaging maybe 15 leads a day for my business on autopilot, and thats where thing really started taking off for me in my business. I started making commissions and affiliate sales almost every day and I had plenty of people to talk to about my business. The day I really realized the power of online video was when I called and spoke to one of my leads. As soon as I got this lady on the line and introduced myself, she said, “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you right now, I feel like I already know you…” Remember what I said about video being HIGH TRUST?

In the months that followed I had many conversations like this with prospects, many “lay down sales” as a result of my video marketing efforts and I kept churning out the videos!

One of my videos I made that first year, in 2009, attracted a guy named Dave. Dave found one of my videos, and he signed up under me in my online marketing system. He went on, very quickly, to be the #1 producer in that system and I made 6-figures in commissions from his efforts and still profit from it to this day. I still can’t believe it sometimes when I think that I made over 100K from one 90 second YouTube video that I made in 2009. It speaks to the power and leverage of online video marketing and internet marketing in general.

Today I have a couple friends who have surpassed my knowledge and ability in the are of ninja video marketing and getting killer search engine traffic with YouTube…

These guys generated over 14000 leads online for their businesses using video marketing and you can CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW to get free training and learn their secrets!


-Adam Chandler

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