Your #1 Road Block To A Big Commission Check in Your MLM Business….

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So your in this great company with awesome products and filled with great people living the dream… Hurray!

Tell your wife to go buy that new dress she’s been wanting because your money problems are over forever!

Well, not quite yet….

You have to build the business first… Piece of cake, right?

You sponsor a few people and they do nothing. (Big surprise)

So you go out and recruit a few more because your upline told you you just have to keep exposing people to the opportunity and keep recruiting…

So you do that.

And they do nothing. Probably because of an entitlement mentality engrained in them as American’s or Canadian’s or whatever… (but thats a post for a different day ; )

….. this time, however, the first few people you recruited drop off the face of the planet and cancel their autoship and you start feeling really bad about the fact that you brought them in and THEY QUIT with zero results to speak of.

What does that say about you as a leader?

What does that do to your resolve?

How will that effect the follow up call you have at 4pm today? or your goal to talk to 10 more people about the business today?

Want to know the #1 reason the people your recruiting aren’t doing anything?

It all comes down to belief.

Belief in themselves. Belief in the industry and the model as a whole. Belief in the company or organization.

What! No one told you this yet?

Thats a bummer…..

….. because all the sponsoring and recruiting in the world will get you nowhere in MLM unless your team sticks around long enough to produce results, period.

And there are some simple ways to improve the belief of your team members and get them into immediate action.

Action that produces results (moolah) that build their belief.

So there’s a big road block standing in your way of A BIG COMMISSION CHECK in your MLM…

Want to know what it is?

Have I built the suspense up enough?

Its a little word called  ATTRITION!

Well, there are actually 5 major roadblocks that stand in the way of your success and the success of your network marketing team.

Attrition is just one of them.

Its a biggie.

Maybe the biggest biggie.

And without a good “stick strategy” your team will dissipate and you will never get to true financial freedom in network marketing.

Watch this training video here to learn how to rapidly increase your team retention and duplication and skyrocket your commission check in the process.

The training will provide a rock solid “stick strategy” (several actually) that will keep your team members around long enough to produce results, then go on to build their own teams that will launch your residual check into the stratosphere. (I don’t even know what a stratosphere is but I thought it sounded good and made me look smart ; )

I’m actually going to share 2 things I started doing with my team that caused an immediate spike in team retention and duplication.

Thing #1

I started introducing new team members to other people on the team. Upline. Downline. Crossline. Whatever.  Doesn’t matter…

Oh yeah, and the more you can introduce new team members to people who are “like them” the better.

So if they are nerdy, analytical types, (dont get mad these are some of the best people to have on your team) Engineers, accountants, rocket scientists, etc. Introduce them to other analytical type people.

If they are a “good time Charlie, super outgoing, love to be the center of attention look at me look at me” types introduce them to other “monkey’s” as I like to call them.

Tell them how much fun the will have when they win your upcoming incentive trip or company vacation. Or get them to imaging how they will feel when they get called up on stage for hitting a specific rank at the next company event. (Monkey’s love that stuff)

You get the picture right?


Introducing new team members to other people on the team and “plugging them in” to something like a team facebook group so they can interact with each other and see that this is a team environment,  they will stick around longer, make more money and skyrocket their belief.

See how our team increases our own retention with automated processes, getting started training, and our badass team facebook group when you watch this training video here. 

Thing #2


You know what an inoculation is, right?

It exposing a small dose of something in a controlled environment to minimize the severity of it as a way to induce immunity.

Now I bet you think I’m really smart, right.. Okay okay I actually took that from Wikipedia.

So inoculating your team in the beginning is vital.

Tell them that their prospects are going to say they will show up to your follow up appointment and then drop off the face of the earth.

Tell them their prospects will say they are going to show up to the opportunity meeting and then make some BS excuse to why they couldn’t be there… Like they had to feed their gold fish or trim their mustache or something.

Tell them that sometimes people will even say they are going to “join the business” with you on Friday at 2pm, and then you will never hear from them, ever again.

That way when these things happen in their business, (and they will), they will see the situation as an inevitable stepping stone to success, and it will not take them out of the game the way it does for most.

Get it?


Those are just a couple pointers or “things” that we do to improve our team retention and duplication to give our members the best possible chance of success.

This training video right here outlines the 5 major roadblocks that hold most people back from the success they come to our industry for and provides solutions to every single problem. If you implement just a few of these “stick strategies” we map out in the training you will be giving your people (and yourself) a major advantage that very few network marketers will ever have and THEY WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU FOR IT!

Until next time

Adam Chandler




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