Writing Effectively | Turning off your Inner-Editor

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We all have “stuff” within ourselves that limit our creativity. 

Call it ego or whatever. This stuff holds us back in many areas of our lives because it effects our decisions. The decisions we make on a regular basis are a byproduct of our belief systems. This is dangerous because often these belief systems where put in place by other people and past experiences. 

“If decisions are choices and our thinking dictates our decisions than we are where we are because of our thinking” -unknown

Now these decisions affect every single area of our life whether they are positive or negative. This post is about the choices we make in our writing that limits our creativity. Like letting our ego get in the way.

Your ego is that inner voice that says, “you are no good at this,” or “this is too hard.” In order to be successful and to really grow in anything we do requires the ability to control or ignore these thoughts.

Imagine you had to write a sales letter or anything else that requires a response. I come over to your house and sit behind you at your desk as you write.

I say things like, “wow that doesn’t make sense, or, “you spelled that wrong.” No one can write effectively  in that environment. In fact you would probably turn around and punch me in the face.

Yet this happens to most people whenever they write.

To write effectively you need to turn off your “inner editor.” Your inner editor is your subconscious that is more often than not holding you back from what you really want. The only thing holding you back from being a successful copywriter (or any kind or writer) is within yourself. Isn’t that wonderful news?

To get the creative juices within you flowing you need to be able to write freely with no restrictions. Don’t worry about spelling, or punctuation, or even sentences that may not make complete sense. You can always go back and edit it later.

Try covering up your computer screen before you write so you can’t see what you are writing. Just let it flow. You may also want to try free writing for a bit before you start to write your press release, article, sales letter or whatever it may be. Write about something that comes naturally to you; A victory in your life, a fond memory, the birth of a child. This will get your creative juices flowing before you begin to write something more challenging.

Another great technique is to copy other writers that have captured your attention. If your goal is to become a better copywriter you may want to study, Mike Dillard, “Magnetic Sponsoring,”  “MLM Traffic Formula,” or, Joe Vitale, “Hypnotic Writing,” “Inspired Marketing.” Re-write their work word for word. I’m not telling you to steal their work or pass it off as your own, but re-writing what they have written will give you a better feel for their, “style,” as you develop your own.

The best copywriters write with personality and give massive amounts of value. The only way to accomplish this is through education and personal development. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen if you don’t believe you can make it happen. Know that with persistence, and determination, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. 

We all have the potential to create whatever reality we could possibly imagine. Studies have recently shown that the human brain is a thousand times more powerful than all the computers in the world put together. Impossible is a word that limits our actions and behavior. The truth is that people do impossible things every day. I’m sure at one point in time people said that walking on the moon was impossible, or that a black man getting elected president of the United States was impossible.

These things have now become a reality and for us to move forward and evolve we must constantly question what is in fact possible and continue pushing the envelope. If you found this post interesting or helpful please share it with your social media audiences and leave me a comment below.

Thanks! -Adam Chandler

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