If you can top my “worst job ever” story I’ll give you a really cool free gift!

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Here’s a fun idea!


See if you can beat my “worst job ever” story…


If you do and leave me a comment below with your “worst job ever” story, and it impresses me, I’ll send you a really cool marketing resource called “Made you look, 547 email subject lines that dare you to look away” 


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Okay here we go…


When I first told this story to a group of entrepreneurs in Cancun, Mexico they were floored….


And it made a lot of sense to them why I’m so passionate about NOT having to work a JOB and helping others break free of that restricting situation as well…


In a few minutes i’m going to share what is, in my opinion,  the fastest way to get out of your job if you have one at the moment…


I’ve had a few cool jobs in my life that I enjoyed, and a LOT of bad ones that I truly hated… I’m just going to take a minute and share both situations to set the stage for my worst job experience ever!


Some of my less desirable jobs include:


  • Commercial roofing, tearing a black tar roof off the roof of a McDonalds on a 100 degree July day. Everything I touched burned my skin and I probably puked about 3 times that day ; )
  • Building pallets at a pallet mill in southern Vermont with a toothless red-neck named Fred who only had an eighth grade education. I worked with a nail gun nailing pallets together all day long in the middle of winter and the heater in our little pallet shack only worked about half of the time ; )
  • Selling vacuum cleaners for about 2 weeks and having to drive all over Colorado to do vacuum cleaner presentations in peoples living rooms. They didn’t know they were about to be sold a vacuum cleaner until after I was already in their house which didn’t always go over too well as you can imagine ; )

Now let me just set the stage by sharing one of my more”unique” job experiences from my early 20’s.


When I was about 21 years old (10 years ago) I taught 2 and 3 year olds how to ski at a ski resort in southern Vermont  called Killington.


I worked there during my senior year of college…


We strapped skis to these “kids” (more like baby’s) feet and put them on a conveyer belt that took them up a small part of the “bunny hill..”


When we got to the top of the conveyer belt we pushed them down the hill and they skied down (kinda ; )


I found it hilarious that, before these kids could even walk, we were strapping skies on their feet and pushing them down a ski hill…


When people asked me what I did, back then, they often gave me a puzzled look when I told them that I have a job putting babys on a conveyer belt ; ) …


but thats NOT my “worst job ever” story


Teaching baby’s how to ski  was actually pretty fun, even though I only made like $7 an hour, lol.


my worst job experience was when I was fired and replaced by a board…


Let me explain…


First, have you ever been fired from a job and replaced by an inanimate object?


how embarrassing right?


talk about a blow to the ego…


So I was working at the same ski resort where I had the “putting baby’s on the conveyer belt” job


but this time I worked for a private company who ran snowmobile tours…


They would take tourists (many from New York City) and guide them on a snowmobile tour of the back country…


I worked at an information “hut” at the bottom of the ski resort access road.


Tourists would come down the hill, wanting to go snowmobiling and I would tell them…


“if you want the 1 hour tour to go one mile down the road… if you want the two hour tour to go two miles down the road… please take a brochure”


That was basically my entire job…


its a lot less involved and requires far less skills than what I currently do, teaching marketing and entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t pay nearly as well ; )


So I had this asshole boss named Klaus


The other employees and I often joked about Klaus being a Nazi… (he wasn’t really)


One day Klaus came into my hut..


He was holding a 2X4 in his hand and he said,


“Adam your fired”


“and here’s your replacement”


I mean, how do you not feel like a undervalued, unproductive member of society when you are replaced by a 2×4?


or any piece of wood or inanimate object for that matter?


So on the board there was some text…


And the text on the board literally read, “for the two hour tour go two miles down the road. For the 1 hour tour go 1 mile down the road. Please take a brochure.” 


Okay so let me bring this back to entrepreneurship and tie this into helping you be more effective in your business and quitting your job if that is a goal of yours….


I was replaced by a board because back then I possessed no value


I was (obviously) an expendable employee of this company and they didn’t mince words letting me know how expendable and unvalued I was. (stupid jerks) 


We all get paid in direct proportion to the amount of value we deliver to the marketplace and on the scale in which we deliver that value.


Here’s an example of what I mean….


One could argue that a high school English teacher delivers more value to society than say, a professional baseball player, but since the teacher teaches maybe 15 or 20 students at a time and the pro baseball player delivers his value to thousands of people watching the game in the stands and potentially millions of people watching the game on TV, he is paid in proportion to the scale on which he delivers his value and so is the English teacher…


See what I mean?


(by the way I personally feel that teachers are WAY undervalued and should be paid A LOT MORE money for the value they deliver to society)


So with that in mind, how do we make more money?


We simply increase our own value to the marketplace.


How do we do this?


We do this through acquiring new skills and investing time (and money) into our own self-education through reading books and buying and consuming information products.


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So like I said, if you can impress me with your “worst job ever” story I’ll send you the free online marketing resource called,


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Go ahead and leave me your comments below and I’ll speak with you soon..

Until next time,


Adam Chandler

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