WorldVentures Reviews – What Is WorldVentures? Smoke and Mirrors or the Real Deal?

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What is Worldventures?

Worldventures is an international travel business that drums up business for its travel program through a process of network marketing also known as referral marketing. This worldventures review (and other worldventures reviews) will shed some light on worldventures travel, the products, the distribution process and the worldventures mlm opportunity so you can make an informed decision on weather or not worldventures is right for you.

Worldventures reviews – the distribution model

The network marketing and direct selling industry is one of the most cost effective and downright effective ways of getting the word out about products and services. This is a model where people, rather than large advertising agencies and corporations can profit from helping to brand a company and sell its products.

Worldventures is an MLM, which stands for multi level marketing, where a worldventures distributor can get paid not only from marketing products but also for building a sales organization.

What is Worldventures travel?

One of the reasons worldventures is successful is because it taps in on the multi-billion dollar travel industry. An industry that continues to grow at a record pace as more and more baby boomers continue to retire and take more vacations.

When I asked worldventures mlm top distributor Jefferson Santos why mlm and travel go well together he said, “because who do you take vacations with? Your friends and family right? Also, he mentioned that whenever you travel you talk about it with your friends, you brag to them about when you are leaving and when you come back you talk about it. And that the group that plays together stays together.

worldventures reviews what is worldventuresWorldVentures Review – The Problem WorldVentures Reps Will Face in the Field

A big problem that the average worldventures distributor will face in the field is exposing and recruiting into the business. What are the common options for bringing people into the business? Most likely when a new worldventures rep gets started in the business he or she is asked to make a list of everyone they know and begin prospecting them for the business.

The problem with this is that anytime you try and get someone to do something that they haven’t expressed an interest in doing you will be fighting an uphill battle.

Even if some worldventures distributors have large warm markets of family members and friends, which most don’t. And even if they have a ton of credibility with their warm market, which most don’t, what happens when they run out of friends and family members to expose the business to?

When many network marketing uplines who only know how to recruit within the warm market are asked what to do when their team members run out of warm market to prospect they tell them to go after strangers in shopping malls. Because that sounds like a ton of fun right?

Its crazy to me that in the 21st century network marketers are still being taught to perform outdated ineffective sales tactics like that, especially when its so easy to connect with prospects via social media and target people who are actually looking for what you are offering using search engine marketing.

Doesn’t that sound like a refreshing way to build your business?

By targeting people who are actually looking for what you are offering and position your offer in front of them when they are searching for it online?

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