Will you Finish 2011 with Victory or Regret?

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will you finish 2011 with Victory or regretHow you do something is typically how you do everything. 

This post is geared towards those of us the network marketing/home based business industry. Typically around late November early December many marketers will pull back and sink back into their comfort zones. This presents an amazing opportunity for deadly serious entrepreneurs like you and me!

Let me explain…

If you want to crush-it early on in 2012 the time to push is NOW! Don’t wait. I’m telling you if you do, and many will, you will regret it. Here’s what most network marketers are thinking right now….

“In January I’ll start fresh and really pick it up. After all, no one is spending money on business opportunities in December. I’ll start prospecting again when people are making their new years resolutions to make more money.”

Here’s what the network marketers who will double, triple or even quadruple their incomes in 2012 are thinking right now..

“If I put my foot on the gas now I can start 2012 with some serious momentum. I can leverage that to have more duplication when my team members make new years resolutions to start stepping up their game. While my competitors are not calling their leads I’ll call and close them. And if I get prospects that tell me no because of the Holidays I can call them again in January and they’ll be one step closer to signing up with me.” 

Do you see the difference?

What category do you fall in?

Here’s a video I shot a couple weeks ago at a ski resort in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. I’m very proud of two leaders on my team who decided to take the path less traveled. While other marketers are not marketing, not prospecting (and getting fat) this Holiday season they decided to step up their game. And take our team and other members of our company with them!

Congratulations Tom Merkey and Jeremy Howie!

You two are stepping up big time and you have no idea how psyched I am to have the honor of working with leaders of your caliber and being a part of your “rise to the top” in the industry.

If you’d like more information on Jeremy Howie you can follow him on his fan page here. And you can connect with Tom Merkey by reading his post about why they created the Numis end of the year challenge right here.

Will you finish 2011 with victory or regret? 

The choice is yours!

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Adam Chandler

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