Why Voicemail Leads are Awesome and How to Generate 150 Per Week

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why voicemail leads are awesome

Last night I co-hosted a, “members only” training call for people in my primary business and the #1 income earner in the company, mr. Ray Higdon. I got such an amazing response from the training that I decided to break the rules and give you guys exclusive access to the content. Now I do mention my primary network marketing business in the video so if you are offended by that by all means don’t watch!

A while back I was listening to an audio training by Jeffrey Combs. I think it was the psychology of prospecting but I can’t remember for sure. Jeffrey talked about how in his hay-day of network marketing when he was pulling in over a million a year he was averaging about 150 voicemail leads a week. He discussed how a voicemail lead is a high quality lead because its a lead that calls you and requests information rather than you calling them. Makes sense right?

So watch the following video and I’ll teach you the unique strategies I use to generate local voicemail leads to build my local team.

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