What’s the best way to get traffic and leads?

As i’m sure you can imagine, after teaching students how to get traffic and leads for over 6 years now, i’ve received this question…



And my 2 part answer to this question will provide you with some valuable insights and clarity about what you should focus on to build your business…


First, you must understand that you are involved in a “leads business,” where quite simply, if you have no leads and no list, you have no business, period.


Here’s what I mean… You are not on the board of directors for the company you promote. You may love “your” products, but you don’t own the patent on them, so they’re not really yours. You are representing the company as a distributor. That’s all. Its like your contracting out your sales and marketing services to them.


That’s why in this business, the only thing that you actually own, your only asset in business, is your audience. Your list. And that is why, no list means no business. Capice?


So here’s the question, “whats the best way to get traffic and leads for your business?”


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Part one of my answer is this… It depends


It depends on a lot of things actually…


Goals, timeframe, technical ability, time budget, financial budget, patience level and personality just to name a few.


There is no cookie cutter answer to this question


To illustrate this point, I often tell students this…


If a medical doctor asked me what he should focus on to get traffic and leads and grow their business, my answer would be very different than the one I would give to a broke college kid.


The assumption of course is that the doctor has less time but an above average income which means probably a bigger advertising budget.


In this case I would probably recommend a combination of Facebook ads (for consistency) and solo ads (for sheer numbers and rapid list growth).


However, the broke college kid is probably in the opposite situation… They have less of an advertising budget but more free time on their hands.


So in this case I would probably recommend a combination of content marketing (videos or blogging) and social media strategies. These 2 strategies kind of go hand in hand and work very well together, when properly executed. In fact, combining these 2 strategies is exactly how I created full time results in my first year in home business.


See it would be irresponsible of me to just tell both of them to go create blog posts… Or to tell both of them to “just go out and talk to more people,” which is a standard ignorant MLM up-line response.


The second part of my answer to this question is there should always be more than just one strategy..


Why? Because one is the most dangerous number in business and I’ve seen a lot of people who put all their business eggs in one marketing basket and get burned big time!


In business, diversity equals stability and although you can focus on one “primary” strategy, you should always have a secondary strategy that you are working on as a backup. Maybe spend 70% of your time on the first strategy and 30% on the other.


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You see how in the above example I gave both the doctor and the college student 2 strategies each to focus on?


That is because having just one is dangerous. And I don’t know about you but I’m building my business empire so that it produces long-term cash-flow to sustain my lifestyle. I’m not just looking for one big hit.


And there will always be shiny new lead generation strategies out for the “one big hit” kinda business builders… And although it may produce some results in the short term it won’t last and sooner or later you’ll be right back at square one again…


The whole time, i’ll still be here building my business and making sales either from my home office, or the ski slopes, or the beach…


Because when it comes to traffic and lead generation, I diversify and I focus on the strategies that may not be the sexiest but that I know have stood the test of time. Kinda like me. 🙂


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