What will your business look like in 100 days?

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what will your business look like in 100 days


Last night I hosted a training webinar with my good friend and business partner Jordan Schultz. We had 118 people in attendance on the live webinar where we outlined the upcoming 100 day biz builder challenge that begins this Thursday, January 27th. We brought out a few of our team members as guests on the call to share their experiences and their results using our online marketing system as well as their excitement for the 100 day challenge. The energy of the call was simply electric and it was really rewarding to see how the challenge has helped people already, even though it does not start for 2 more days. (We are only allowing people who are using our marketing system to take part in the challenge, so other members are promoting it to get themselves new member sign ups). MORE POWER TO THEM!

Before you begin watching this I want you to image where your business will be 100 days form now. Do you see yourself generating hundreds of FREE Visitors to your websites, and 10-50 FREE leads per day???

Join my team in MLSP and Iíll get you plugged into the Challenge Right Away.

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