What to say when they say they’re not interested…..

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Do you require more help understanding EXACTLY what to say to your prospects to peak their interest, handle their objections and get them signed up in your network marketing business?

If so your in luck! In fact, I know that you do because I asked you!

Here’s what I mean…

… A few weeks ago my business partner and I sent out a couple survey’s asking our email lists, our team members, our social media audiences and members of our 100 day biz-builder challenge a series of questions. We got literally hundreds of responses and learned that you, our audience, require more training in the area of prospecting and recruiting. We also asked what your biggest challenges are in the area of prospecting and recruiting as well as specific objections you get from your prospects when presenting your network marketing business opportunity.

We received responses like, “How do I get over my phone fear?”

and, “what do i say when my prospects ask me if its a pyramid scheme?” Which I went ahead and created a blog post about the other day. You can read that extremely eye-opening and informative post right here! 

We also received responses like, what do I say when my prospect says they’re not interested, which is what this post is all about!

But before you read any further I want to give you a sneak peak at this exclusive training that is guaranteed to improve your skills when it comes to signing up more reps in your business….

Here’s what to say when they’re not interested

“Have a nice day”

lol, just kidding… We are going to go much deeper than that. But there is some seriousness there, isn’t there…

Whey they tell you they’re not interested isn’t that where it ends?

You’d have to be a master closer if you could woo someone into joining your business who tells you their not interested right there on the spot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a response that will magically get someone to buy after they’ve said no, but that doesn’t mean it has to end there.

That’s right I’m going to give you some responses to use when your prospect tells you their not interested that can lead to multiple new sign-ups and team members.

Here’s one example:

MR. PROSPECT: No, I’m not interested in changing the quality of my life. I think i’ll go back to my job tomorrow and hope to maybe win the lottery or something… Then maybe i can actually watch my kids grow up…. 

YOU:   I understand mr. prospect that the timing may not be right for you now. Tell me, do you know anyone who has been effected by the economy who may be open to new ways of making money?


And when you train yourself to do this, ask for referrals that is, you actually never run out of prospects.

How to NEVER run out of prospects

Imagine you have a prospect list of 100 names. You call all 100 prospects and talk to 50 of them. 10 of them tell you they are open to taking a look at your deal and the rest say no. That’s 40 no’s! Now imagine that you ask for 2 names for each no you get. That’s 80 new prospects! You are able to reach half of them on the phone and out of that 40 12 tell you they are open to taking a look at your opportunity. Now you have 22 people looking at your opportunity and 28 that tell you they’re not interested.

But you are now trained to ask for referrals, I understand mr. prospect that this is not a good time for you but could you give me two names of people in your circle of influence who may be open to a way of changing the quality of their life?

So you ask each of your 28 to give you one or two names but this time only half of them are willing to help you.

14 prospects give you referrals… 7 of them give you only one name along with contact information. 6 of them give you two names and one very helpful prospect gives you 5 referrals.

PRESTO, you now have 24 new prospects to call and see if they are open to your opportunity and you start the process all over again!

Another option when they tell you they’re not interested…

Here is another example of what to say when your prospect tells you they’re not interested…

MR. PROSPECT: I am not interested in changing the quality of my life. (Translation: I’m going to keep being comfortably-uncomfortable and stay in my safe little world until I reach my death bed with a heart full of regret and resentment)

YOU:   I understand mr. prospect that you don’t have an interest in making money with our company but would you consider using the products as a way to (FILL IN THE BLANK MAJOR BENEFIT OF YOUR PRODUCTS, I.E. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, INCREASE YOUR WEALTH WITH PRECIOUS METALS, ETC.)

Always keep this in mind when you’re prospecting…

Always remember that when your prospecting you’re not seeing if people are open to joining your business. Instead you are seeing if people are open to reviewing information about your business via a 3rd party professionally designed presentation in the form of a video on a website a sizzle call, an audio CD, etc. If your company does not have this I recommend that you start looking for a new company.

Remember also that a NO does not necessarily meet no forever. Often it simply means not right now. I’ve shown prospects my business opportunity and then, several months later, they’ve called me out of the blue and said, “Adam, I’m ready!”

Of course for this to work you have to stay in the game long enough and continue exposing people to your business on a regular business.

In the meantime, click here now and review this training that is designed to help you completely eliminate phone fear, handle objections like the pro’s and and develop the extremely profitable skill of prospecting and recruiting so you can build the business and life of your dreams!

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