Zija Reviews – What is Zija International?

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Looking for zija reviews to discover answers to questions like, what is zija? Is zija a scam? and whos making money with zija international? The answers to those questions and more can be found in this Zija Reviews video.



What is Zija?


Zija international is a health and wellness company that distributes its products through a model of network marketing, mlm or multi level marketing. When a company forms they have to make decisions about how they will take their products to the marketplace. Will they run expensive television, radio or print ads? All mediums, by the way, that are becoming less and less effective for advertisers. Or will they distribute their products via “word of mouth marketing” and let their zija distributors get a piece of the action and the profits!


Is Zija a scam?


The short answer is no. However this question, is zija a scam deserves a bit more of an explanation. The unfortunate fact is that some zija distributors or reps for other network marketing companies join with “get rich quick” intentions. And then when they don’t get rich quick and they realize that this is a real business that requires real work, they quit and cry scam as a way to save face with their friends and family. So is zija a scam? No. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand the network marketing distribution model.


what is Zija international

what is Zija international

So who’s making money with Zija International?


There are actually 3 types of people making money with Zija international.


1) Zija distributors who keep their pipeline full of fresh new distributors to share the zija products and opportunity with.


2) Zija distributors who have authority and influence with people in their network


3) Zija distributors who study and understand marketing


Who’s not making money with Zija international?


If were going to be talking about who’s making money with Zija it seems only fair to discuss who’s not making money as a zija distributor. Basically reps who see the Zija business as a lottery ticket or some kind of get rich quick thing…. They are sitting back and waiting for their pay day to come in.


Those people will be waiting for a long time. Because in network marketing thats not how it works. To be successful in Zija or any network marketing company you must take full responsibility for your results.


Other zija reps not making money are those who do not keep their pipelines full of fresh, new prospects to expose to the zija business and products. This is a leads business, so without leads you have no business.


It all comes down to treating your business like a real business and not like some expensive lottery ticket or a hobby. That means invest in your education as a marketer. Work on adding value to yourself by studying marketing, entrepreneurship, success principles and personal development. Then add that value to the marketplace and you will become a success magnet in Zija or any other business for that matter.


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