What is tribe pro?

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The purpose of this article is to answer the question, what is tribe pro? And more importantly, how can tribe pro help me get more results in the form of traffic, leads and sales from my content marketing efforts?

 Tribe Pro Review – What is tribe pro?

Tribe Pro is a community of online marketers who understand the value of content marketing, social syndication and social proof. More on social proof later…

Sure, you could post your content to your facebook page, your twitter account, your Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other social media and social bookmarking sites yourself….. You may even get some traffic out of it, if you have a following and some credibility……

……but imagine if you had 2,345 other marketers who posted YOUR CONTENT to their facebook, twitter, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and all their other social media and social bookmarking accounts!!??

Thats the leveraged power of Tribe PRO!

What is tribe proNot only is it a way to get social media traffic and exposure to your content but it builds back-links in the process. And not the spammy back links that raise red flags with the search engines. It would be just like me taking one of your blog posts and manually submitting it to my social networking and social bookmarking sites. Its totally organic as far as the search engines are concerned. Which may not mean much to you, but to my geekier readers who understand search engine optimization, organic back-links are HUGE!

Tribe Pro Review – What is Tribe PRO and how can it help me get make more sales?

I don’t have credibility with your social media audience, because they don’t know who I am. but I most likely do have some credibility with my own social media audience. That is why when I share YOUR content to MY twitter following, basically saying “this is good content and you should check it out,” my audience will listen because its coming from a trusted source. The same is true in visa-versa.

This is what we call social proof and 3rd party validation. Rather than you going around telling people how cool you are and how good your stuff is, someone else is doing that for you!

Lets say I am standing here going on and on about how great my product or service is…

You will be less likely to listen because you think this guy is just trying to make a sale, right?

But what if I am going on and on about someone else’s product or service? You would be more inclined to take me seriously and take a serious look at the product or service, because Its a recommendation from a trusted source.

That is the Tribe concept. I choose to share your content to my audience and my accounts, as long as you share my content to your audience and your accounts. Its a win-win situation.

Get it? Good!

Tribe Pro Review – What is content syndication?

Tribe Pro is a content syndication machine! What is content syndication? I’m glad you asked… Imagine a newspaper like the New York Times… How could the New York times possibly put out that much content on a daily basis? Is it because they have a large staff of writers? Partially, yes. However, they also syndicate content from other publications and other writers all over the world.

Content syndication on the social, “grass roots” level is simply you recommending my content to your audience and me returning the favor by syndicating your content to my audience. Content syndication happens in the media world every singe day and tribe pro is a way to use the same concept to move your business forward and attract more of your target market to you!

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