What is T3FP? And How Did It Help Him Dig Out of Over $400K in Debt?

What is T3FP

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This post will answer the question, What is T3FP?

T3FP is an online marketing formula, created by Jeff Lerner after he used it to make $450K in his FIRST year in online marketing.

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This was after Jeff failed miserably in a franchise business venture.

Once he realized the franchise was doomed Jeff took the last $10,000 he had and started an online direct sales business. Within just one year he was able to pay off the $400K (IRS backed) loan and completely turn his dire financial situation around and get out from under the mountain of debt.

So even though he made $450K in his first year in online marketing, he kept almost none of it!

However, shortly after that he went on to create his first million with online marketing and turned the process he used for accomplishing those incredible results into a formula he calls T3FP.

What is the T3FP Formula?

T3FP is essentially the building blocks of a massively profitable online business. Today the T3FP formula is explained by Jeff and put into use by his students in his Laptop Lifestyle System. See my previous post entitled, What is the Laptop Lifestyle?


T3FP is so foundational to the success of an online business, there is no one online or offline who is experiencing success in business without it, weather they realize it or not. If you are struggling to make money in your business, it is because there are elements of the T3FP formula that are either way out of whack, or missing entirely. And just like 4 legs of a table, if your business is missing any one of 5 elements of T3FP your business will lack integrity and it will not work at its maximum potential (profitability)

What Does T3FP Stand For?

T – Traffic
F – Filters
F- Funnels
F – Follow Up
P – Products

In the Laptop Lifestyle training series Jeff goes into detail about each one of these foundational elements in detail and shares how he uses them to maximize earnings with online marketing.

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