What is MLSP?

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What is MLSP you ask? Great question!

Watch this video to find out!


The purpose of this video and this blog post is to answer the question, what is MLSP?

For this marketer MLSP or MyLeadSystemPRO is a major income stream and one out of about 14 income streams built into the system.  Through myleadsystempro you can attract a higher caliber prospect to your business opportunity as well as get paid handsomely from people who say no to your business. MLSP is a training portal that shows network marketers and home business professionals how to get more results through effective online and offline marketing. Are you looking for more leads in your business? How about higher quality leads that actually call you because you’ve branded yourself as the leader that they are looking for?

If you’ve spent much time in the network marketing industry and you have an internet connection and a facebook account then you’ve probably seen MLSP promoted in some way shape or form.what is mlsp

MLSP is a community of entrepreneurs in the information age. Its a system that provides online marketing training to the network marketing industry. An industry that is seriously lacking in effective 21st century marketing training. MLSP provides training, support, resources, websites, sales funnels so that you can compete and dominate in the highly competitive, extremely dynamic world of direct sales and online business.
This video was shot at the MLSP private mastermind retreat in Cancun, Mexico. The guy in front of the camera is me, Adam Chandler. I’m one of the top 5 producers in MLSP as well as an L4 leader in the system and a member of the extremely coveted and highly sought after executive mastermind team. The guy behind the camera is Brian Fanale, one of the co-creators of the system and a 7 figure marketer.

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