What is MLSP Mastery?

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MLSP Mastery launches on Wednesday January 23rd at 9pm eastern. Get all the details right here and read this entire post for details and a look behind the curtain as the MLSP mastery program is revealed.


Read all the way to the P.S line to learn why being at the “right place at the right time” is overrated and pretty much useless you have this too….  and to discover how to profit massively from the launch of the MLSP Mastery Program


What is MLSP mastery?


Back to that in just a minute…..


Lets start by fist answering the question, what is mastery? 


To master something is to own it. It is to reach the highest height of achievement in a specific area.


When I think of the word mastery Bruce Lee is someone who comes to mind. Bruce Lee was a symbol of mastery. Unlike some of the martial artists/actors of today Bruce truly was a kung fu master.


Screw Chuck Norris


Screw Jean Claud Van Dam


Screw Jet Lee


Ok Jet Lee is pretty bad ass.


But regardless Bruce Lee would make quick work of all those chumps.


Bruce was said to have had less than 1% body fat and he was the epitome of strength, discipline and physical fitness.


When I ponder the word mastery I also think about the buddhist monks who take vows of silence for years and even decades at a time. These people are masters of spirituality and personal discipline. And they are dedicated to reaching a state of enlightenment.


To attain enlightenment is to achieve mastery.


MLSP Mastery ProgramEnlightenment is to own ones self and be one with everything at a level that many cannot even imagine.


But i’m here today writing about a different kind of mastery.


Its not mastery of martial arts like mr. Lee although if thats something you’re into, more power to you.


Its not about spiritual mastery like the monks.


However i think we are all striving for some level of enlightenment in our hectic day to day lives and to master ones self is an achievement we should all strive for.


What I’m talking about is mastering the art of marketing your business effectively leveraging 21st century strategies and building your business in a way that allows you to live the dream of total freedom and financial abundance. 


Its about mastering skills that produce income hand over fist in your business. Skills that you can take with you and use to produce profits in almost any niche and any business at any time.


When a multi millionaire old-school network marketer who had made over 50 million dollars over his 20+ year career was asked if he had to start over right now and he could have either the money or the skills he answered, without hesitation, the skills.


Money will come and go throughout your life. Hopefully for you it will come more than it will go…


But skills stay with you along the journey and once attained will almost effortlessly translate into wealth and influence.


We are talking about mastery of profit producing skills that generate results in the form of money in any economy. Good and bad.


Doesn’t that sound like a cool thing to master?


Do you see how, when you master these skills that the world literally becomes your oyster?


That the world opens up to you in a way it never did before…


You suddenly now have choices and options in your life that you didn’t have before…


Take the kids on a helicopter tour of the grand canyon, not on some lavish vacation that you saved up 2 years for but next week, out of the blue, just because you can.


Why not, lets do it!


Maybe you want to fly your friends in for a week long ski trip or to Jazz Fest in New Orleans to see some awesome live music.


Go for it, its yours when you achieve mastery.


Maybe you want to see the beaches of the world and sip fruity drinks with little straw umbrellas. (I did that last week by the way. Check out my fruity drink pic as I’m leaving Jamaica by reading this blog post)


Cave diving in Hawaii?


Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands?


A winter ski Chalet in Aspen?


Dogsledding in Alaska?


Hiking the Inca trail?


How much pleasure can you handle in your life?


or maybe you just want to be around for more of your kids little league games and spend more quality time with the people in your life who matter.


What ever it is you want, the path of MASTERY is how you get there.



What is MLSP MasteryWhat is MLSP Mastery?



MLSP Mastery is a new membership level in the 4 year old online marketing and lead generation system for network marketers called MyLeadSystemPro or MLSP.


At the MyleadSystemPro mastery level you will earn $100 per month per member who is also playing at the mastery level. This is how you get paid well just to generate high quality leads and build whatever MLM business your little heart desires on the backend.


This is how you earn while you learn.


Another HUGE benefit of the MLSP Mastery program is product license rights and 100% profits on these products.


At the end of 2012 the creators of the system held a webinar with the EMT (Executive mastermind team) and MMT (master marketers team) which is basically the top 20 members or so in the system.


They asked us, all 6 and even some 7 figure earners to create products for the license rights products available to mastery members.


Imagine master marketers like Rob Fore, Michelle Pescosolido, Mark Harbert and Frank Marino, msyelf and several others creating and packaging products for you to sell and keep all the money when you do?


In-demand products ranging from $7 to $2,500 plus where when you make the sale you keep 100% of the profit.


No passups


You don’t even have to “qualify” to sell the products by owning them yourself.


Its a true 100% pure profit model on top of the $100 per month per member you get for being a mastery member.


Again this is just a peak behind the curtain at the all new MLSP mastery level


Watch this info-video right now to see the entire vision revealed.


Basically what you have before you with the all new MyLeadSystemPro mastery membership level is the opportunity to master a very unique and profitable set of skills that produce income results in the 21st century and translate into money anywhere in the world in any economy.


On top of that you now have the opportunity to make a boat load of profits from people who come through the system regardless of weather they join your network marketing business or not.


Leading with educational products as a funded proposal for upfront commissions and back-ending your primary business is a recipe for both short-term and long-term profits.


Its a time tested, proven model for wealth and uninterrupted freedom in the 21st century.


The only question that remains is this.


Will you have the courage to go for it?


Mastery is certainly not for everyone.


It takes a great deal of courage and commitment to go after achieving  “mastery” in any craft. Martial arts, spirituality or internet marketing.


Its for serious players and future success stories in the home business world, period.


Do you have the desire, the dedication and the guts for mastery?


If so watch this video right now!


To your success, freedom and total mastery


Adam Chandler


P.S. Over the past 4 and a half years I’ve been in the network marketing/ internet marketing/ home business arena I’ve found myself in the right place at the right time on a few different occasions.


Some of those times I’ve capitalized on it, other times I’ve let it pass me by.


You know what i’ve learned about being in the right place at the right time?


Being in the right place at the right time is overrated and pretty much useless unless you have the ability to recognize it and the courage to take action.


There have been many people with me at the right place at the right time, some of whom are working at gas stations and toll booths and doing other lame jobs because they either didn’t recognize that they were in the right place at the right time or they didn’t have the courage to take action.


I truly believe that the launch of the MLSP mastery program is one of those “right place right time situations,” and the masses don’t even know about it yet.


But they soon will.


And you can either be in a position to capitalize on them finding out, or just keep right on doing what you’re doing and keep your fingers crossed that some big producer is magically going to join your team and skyrocket the growth of your organization.


I hate missing out on big opportunities like this when they come along. To learn how you can massively capitalize on the launch of mastery message me here on my blog and lets get you into the massive profit levels and true freedom that you came here for.


It is now within reach and way closer than you may think!



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