What is Market America? Who’s Making Money? Who’s Not?

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What is Market AmericaWhat is market America all about? Lets take a good solid look at this company. Is there a market for the products? Are people really making serious money with the company and if so who? Once a market America distributor gets started how can they start making money quickly? These questions and more will be answered throughout this article. What is market America? You’re about to find out!

WARNING: Market America is a legitimate company with “”in demand products” and a generous compensation plan but without daily prospects and high quality leads 99% of distributors are toast in this dynamic and competitive market.

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What is market America? The Facts!

Market America is a nearly 2-decade old product brokerage and internet marketing company. They use a business model similar to direct selling where they pay out independent representatives of the company to market and distribute their products. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America employs 500 people and has roughly 180,000 independent distributors worldwide as well as over 3 million preferred customers taking advantage of the market America product line. That’s the company, but what is market America all about? Lets explore the products and the distribution model.

What is Market America? – The Products

You name it and market America sells it. Everything from Skin care and anti aging to music, pet supplies and motorcycle accessories. Basically any products that could be purchased online. Its like the wal mart of the Internet. Health and wellness, toys, travel packages, etc. Literally its all here.

Market America has a myriad of partner stores and brands like Fixx which is a company that specializes in anti aging products. Transitions Lifestyle Systems is another partner store that specializes in weight loss and Isotonix is a partner store that specializes in nutritional supplements. The fact is that market america products cover a wide range of markets. The products are those that people already purchase online regularly which spells massive opportunity.

What is Market America? The business opportunity

The market America business opportunity is based on the company’s distribution model. If a Market America representative refers his or her friend to shop on the market America website they can earn a portion of the total revenue. This business model is also known as direct selling or network marketing. Also known as referral marketing where the independent distributors get paid for referring new customers. There is also multi level marketing aspects of the model where you can earn commissions on many people, multiple levels down from your position.

Is Market America a scam?

Uneducated people often mistake leveraged distribution models like that of market America as scams. It’s a foreign concept to some that a company would pay referral commissions to distributors who refer other customers and distributors. A distributor can sign up with the expectation of generating income and happen to make no money at all. Distributors must put in work to make money with the model and some people feel that because they’re paying to join that they are entitled to money. “Market America scam,” they cry. When it was their fault for not taking it seriously and treating it like a real business in the first place. Is market America a scam? Of course not. Can you make money promoting market America? Absolutely. But you must put in serious work to make it happen.

Who’s Making money with Market America? Who’s not?

The market America distributors who are making real incomes are those who take the time to learn and understand effective marketing. You would think that would be obvious but trust me its not. Many Market America distributors simply promote the business and the products to their friends and family members. You can usually get a few product customers doing that but not usually serious distributors, which is where all the money and residual income is made.

The people bringing in the big checks from Market America are those who focus on recruiting new distributors. As in, signing up serious entrepreneurs who are driven to build the organization and make money. Since market America is an online distribution model, the other thing very successful market America distributors focus on is moving products online. They’ve honed skills including social media marketing, direct response marketing and phone prospecting.

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