Were you promised a unicorn but all you got was a donkey with a plunger stuck to his head?

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Were you promised a unicorn but when you showed up all you got was a donkey with a plunger stuck to his head?


Thats the way it was for most of us in home business….


We were sold a dream of freedom and what we got was very different and very disappointing…


We were sold the idea of a leveraged business “system” that did much of the work for us and what we got was….


Deception, rejection & ridicule!


Have you ever just stopped for a minute and said, “this is it, seriously? Where’s the unicorn they promised me Damnit!?


Well the good news is….  I think I’ve found a way for us to get it….


Imagine if you could put your product, system or opportunity in front of people who are actually searching for a product, system or opportunity?


Sounds just crazy enough to work right?


So why are home business owners taught to NOT advertise online and rather promote their business to their family and friends and other people who most likely have never expressed an interest in starting a business from home?


They are taught that anyone with a pulse and a credit card is a prospect, which in my opinion is a recipe for wasting a ton of time and getting nowhere FAST!


Here’s why….


[Tweet "Marketing To Everyone is Marketing to No One -Unknown"]


Imagine if you could set your business up in a way that would allow you to get new sales and signups on automation…..


……And you call people to welcome them to your team, rather than to try and convince them to join?


Imagine if you could grow your business while you were sleeping, playing with your kids or while you were sipping pina colada’s on the beach?


The dream you were promised is still available for you, but its going to require thinking a little differently then they’ve taught you to think….


It requires you thinking like a real business owner and less like a sales rep for XYZ company…. Which means employing more leverage and strategy, putting more people into your pipeline (lead generation) and creating more long term assets (your list)


Inside my all new List Leverage Blueprint i’m going to show you the 5 strategies I used to recruit 166 new members into my business in 12 months without even picking up the phone….


Its basically how I set my business up to be an automated machine that churns out cash day after day, week after week and month after month…


And has fully supported my life of uninterrupted freedom and fun for over 6 straight years!


You want that for yourself right?


Get the Blueprint Right Here


And let me help you finally get that unicorn they promised you 🙂


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