[Video Interview] How Bert Bledsoe Mastered Attraction Marketing, Online Recruiting & Became A Pseudo-Celebrity in Just One Year

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There are a few really important nuggets in this interview that are so on-point and relevant to your success that i want to reiterate them here.

  1. Bert-BledsoeWhen Bert decided to start learning online marketing to grow his business – he began investing in his education and his skill development by purchasing courses and systems. By learning and taking action he not only started attracting better results but he got the attention of more successful marketers, who took an interest in his success. This is where the game changes, or where the  quote, unquote magic happens
  2. Bert’s success with social media came from embracing attraction marketing. He mentions how he makes it a point to reach out to 5 of his existing facebook friends everyday. Not to talk business or to “pitch” them. Just to say hi, ask a few questions and take an genuine interest in their lives and businesses. Then when he posts a goofy picture of himself – or whatever, people flock to his page to like and comment, and some will even seek him out –  to work with him. Crazy right?
  3. He also shared some social media productivity tips  that could save you from wasting countless hours on facebook with nothing to show for it. Make sure you watch the part about how he “Batches” his income producing activities on facebook. In fact you will probably want to rewind the video and watch that part a few times if you have unproductive social media habits that keep many marketers spinning their wheels.
  4. Bert also shared his daily method of operation. Watch the video to learn what his DMO is. I just want to point out that he has a DMO. Ask yourself, do you have a daily plan that you follow to build your business every day? Most don’t and thats why they don’t have the results that Bert does.
  5. Finally Bert shared how focusing on tracking his activity gave him the look in the mirror he needed to make appropriate changes. Even though he thought he was being productive at times, it wasn’t until he started using an activity tracker, that he started to focus only on the highest leveraged income producing activities.


In the interview Bert mentioned 2 resources that played vital rolls in his success.

One was the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge. This was the 100 day coaching program Bert followed to become an online recruiting powerhouse. It was actually the final week of the 100 day program where Bert recruited 12 reps in a single week. The 100 day challenge community is where he was was given assignments and tracking sheets and where he formed his mastermind partnerships and .

Bert also mentioned the online marketing system he uses to master attraction marketing, get daily leads for his business and recruit effortlessly into his business. Click Here Now to discover that system for yourself.

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