Video Interview – Generate More Leads, Recruit More Reps and Earn 6-Figures In Network Marketing

For the past few years Doug DeMercurio has been one of my best students, biggest producers and one of my very good friends…

As a successful restaurant owner for over 2 decades, he started in online marketing to learn how to better market his restaurants online…

Just a few years later, (today), he has sold his restaurants and is now a full time online marketer in the home business industry…

Doug is an excellent student who is constantly learning and honing his skills as a marketer and an entrepreneur… He is also very good at taking action and implementing what he learns!

If you want to take your business and marketing to the next level I highly recommend you….

Check out Doug on his blog at by Clicking Here

And watch this value packed video interview where Doug interviewed me and discover how I took my income from $19K in 2009 to my first ever 6-figure year in the home business industry in just 2 years…

Click play to watch the video below

Check out the online marketing system we continuously refer to in the interview Right Here

Adam Chandler

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