Vemma Review – Is Vemma A Scam or the Real Deal Holyfield?

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Vemma ReviewWhat is Vemma? This article will answer questions about Vemma, the products, the company and the opportunity. Is Vemma A Scam? What is Vemma? Are distributors really making money promoting the nutritional drink Verve and the other nutritional drinks in the Vemma product line? If these or any other questions about Vemma have come up in your mind and if your looking for an unbiased Vemma review you’ve come to the right place. And I’m sure your either here because you’re an active Vemma distributor or because your doing your homework to decide if Vemma is a legitimate way to make extra money. If you fit into either of these categories you’ll want to pay very close attention as you read this entire Vemma review. 


WARNING:  Vemma is a legitimate company with high quality products and amazing leadership but without fresh, high quality prospects coming in daily any vemma distributor is toast in this highly competitive dynamic industry

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What is Vemma?


Vemma is a health and wellness company that distributes its products through the network marketing business model. A model where as a distributor you earn a commission on the products you sell as well as a residual income on your sales team as they duplicate your efforts and sell products themselves. The company, out of Scottsdale Arizona is headed by CEO BK Boreyko, a man who’s been around the network marketing industry his entire lives. BK’s parents were successful distributors for a very famous network marketing company you may have heard of. The big “A” also knows as Amway.


Is Vemma A Scam?


Absolutely not! Many misinterpret the Vemma business model for a pyramid scheme. Usually people who have no idea what a pyramid scheme even is. A pyramid scheme implies that there are no products. Only money changing hands with no value traded in exchange. Vemma is part of the 114 billion dollar, completely legitimate and legal network marketing industry. The company has stood the test of time in the industry. It obviously has exceptional products that create a noticeable health difference in the lives of its users and the company has exceptional leadership. Many skeptics when presented with opportunity will search online for “vemma scam” or is “Is vemma a scam?” in search of negative information. They hope to find holes in the opportunity so they can justify not inviting opportunity into their lives so they can stay comfortably where they are in life. Which is stuck for most people. Is Vemma a scam? We live in a messed up world if peoples immediate reaction to a company like Vemma is SCAM!


What is Vemma? A 3rd Party Vemma Review


More than 40,000 network marketing companies have been created over the past 50 years and there are less than 4,000 active companies in existence right now. That’s right only 10% of companies in the niche make it past year 5. Vemma has stood the test of time in the industry because its got tremendous leadership, a crystal clear mission to benefit the lives of others both physically and financially and high quality products. Now if someone should come to you and say, ss Vemma a scam? You can laugh in their face knowing that that statement says more about their fear of change than it does about the Vemma company or business model. Follow this link for a more detailed answer to the question, what is vemma.


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