Values | The Secret to A Happy and Successful Live

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I have excellent news!!

I’ve recently learned the secret to a happy and successful life. A life of fulfillment. A life filled with abundant joy and happiness.

Want to know what it is?


Getting clear on your own current set of core values and possibly even more importantly getting clear on the values you are moving towards. I have recently given myself an incredible gift. The gift of surrounding myself with people who have reached a level in life that I strive to reach. Great teachers of philosophy who love to share knowledge and wisdom to those of us with the courage to seek it.

I don’t believe it is an accident that two very different mentors of mine have recently challenged me to take a deep look at my values and what’s important to me. The first through a training series I’ve recently purchased on leadership development for my business; And the other through a personal development book I’m reading by Anthony Robbins called “Awaken the Giant within.”

I began journaling which has become a favorite and very enjoyable hobby of mine lately. I made a list of the top ten values I currently hold important to me in my life then I edited the list to make sure it was right on. This is my how my first list looked and the with the edits I made to it..

My Current set of Values

You’ll notice in this first list of my current values freedom is number one. I value my freedom and the freedom of others very high. I believe that is why I hated the idea of working in a cubicle like I was not too long ago. To me that was “the man” quite literally putting me in a box and robbing me of my freedom. That is also why I put myself through the pain and discomfort of learning how to become a successful entrepreneur. This required getting far out of my comfort zone and doing things most people frankly would not put themselves through. Like borrowing money from family members who thought I was crazy and driving 14 hours through the Rocky Mountains in a blizzard to get to my first live marketing event even though I could not afford it. Or spending thousands of dollars (many times with money I did not have) on information products that I knew would move me and my business forward. I could go on with this list for quite some time but I’ll stop there.

I’ve also realized that this is the secret to success if there is one. Successful people do what unsuccessful people will not do. That’s it. Most people value comfort and security higher than they value freedom. Therefor they will not put themselves through the pain and discomfort that is required to attain true freedom.

I hope some bells and light bulbs are starting to go off in your head right about now because I’m sharing some of the biggest Ahha moments that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

Which brings me to my second list. This is the list not of my current values but of the values I’m moving towards. The values I wish to attain in order to get to the next level in my life. Again this is the raw list I made as well as the edits I made to it to make sure I was really congruent and really on course.

Values I’m moving towards

As you may notice freedom is not on the list. It is something I already feel I have accomplished and is no longer necessary. Of course it is still important to me but since I’ve already achieved a level of freedom I did not think would be possible until maybe sometime in my mid sixties it is not high on my list of priorities and values I’m moving towards.

I realize that I continue to learn and grow and move forward these values will change and I will be making new lists. I highly encourage you to take part in this liberating exercise. It seems to me that this is what holds most people back. Not being clear on what’s important to them therefor they are constantly looking for outside factors to bring them fulfillment.

I must say that this is one of the most eye opening exercises I’ve ever taken part in one of the most enlightening blog posts I’ve ever written. If you took something away from this post please share with your friends and leave me a comment below



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