Ugly Email Marketing Trend Unfolding.. [Must See Video]

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Recently I started promoting a mobile marketing and list building service… I’ve  become a top affiliate with the company because I’ve promoted aggressively and highlighted the growing problem of using only email marketing to reach customers and prospects…

Many think we are against Email because our Mobile Marketing company emphasizes “SMS Text Marketing” as a key, emerging means of connecting and communicating with customers or team members.

Not true.Key word here: “emphasize”What we really emphasize is strategic combination of three things:

1. SMS Text Marketing — this is, by far, the most direct path to your customer on their most cherished device. You HAVE to be here.

2. Direct mail — it is very powerful to communicate offline and off the mobile device from time to time. It’s an intimate connection. Remember how great good old fashioned letters made you feel? (and probably still do)

3. Email — An obvious, awesome means of “mass communication” and a way to quickly get great content direct to someone’s inbox.

BUT… And a BIG but…

#3 has some major, major issues right now. And it is THE one used the most, almost exclusively by those who struggle the most. FYI. You might want to read that again.

Did you know that ONE in every seven “opt in” emails directed to “opt in” recipients (yes, those who “signed in”) never makes it to their inbox. Never gets there. That’s 15% NOT even arriving. And at least 30% of the 85% delivered  are deleted or unread…

(Not my opinion. Source: Return Path)

The Email trend is very negative. And will NOT be improving.

This is why my friend Andrew Cass has spent the last year two years building an extremely powerful business model that has two VERY important elements:

# 1) It provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with a powerful “Mobile List Building” system so that they don’t get stuck (and burnt) relying on Email alone. Now you can build a “Mobile” list too – your most important asset in our new Mobile Economy.

#2) Attached to this, is one of the most lucrative “Mobile” Affiliate Marketing models in existence. One that pays 100% commissions on ALL front end sales. No pass up sales, no MLM, no tricky compensation plans. And has a lucrative high-ticket Direct Sales program for top players. And a simple path for anyone, regardless of their background or experience, to get to $7,532 “per month” with less than 100 customers.

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Nothing like this has ever been seen. This IS a breakthrough. You’ll see exactly why this is completely different than anything you’ve ever seen. And WAY more relevant and in-line with today’s emerging ‘Mobile’ world we now live in…

Thousands are getting on board each month. Why not you?

See you in the video….

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