Traffic Metamorphosis Part 3 – Audience Creation and Scaling

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Welcome to PART THREE of my all new THREE PART SERIES on traffic and lead generation…. To get the full value from this series it’s important to watch the videos in order, starting with part 1 if you haven’t done so already.

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Click Here to Access PART TWO

Your about to discover exactly how I set up my audiences on facebook to get my ads in front of hundreds of thousands of quality prospects.

This video walks you through the all important task of creating your target audience including:

  • How to target based on user interest in other home business leaders and pages.
  • How to dig down inside an broader audience to create laser targeted high quality prospects
  • How to create custom audiences that know like and trust YOU
  • How to scale your traffic by creating a lookalike audience. Basically mimicking the audience who already went through your funnel and became leads <=Super Powerful!

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