Traffic Metamorphosis Part 1 – How I Generated 391 Leads in 14 Days


Welcome to part 1 of this all new 3 part series on traffic and lead generation…. Your about to discover exactly how I set up my traffic infrastructure and how I generated 391 leads in the past 14 days with facebook ads…   This video walks you through the vital fundamentals of my traffic infrastructure including:

  • How I split test my landing pages to get ‘through the roof’ opt-in conversions
  • Different “thank you page” options that position you as the authority, start the relationship building process and help with conversion tracking
  • How I use facebooks advertising platform to create “conversion pixels” so I can tell where my leads are coming from right from my ads manager


  The one resource I refer to in the video is “Quality Click Control.” I use this tool to split test my landing pages to improve my opt-in rates over time. You can learn more about QCC by visiting…


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  • Jack

    Reply Reply July 31, 2014

    Hey adam.

    Before joining i researched looking for the best affiliate to join with.
    I have been a very successful salesman because i would seek out
    the top salesman and implement what made them the best. I hold
    many State and national records.

    “Success breeds success and failure breeds failure”

    This info. you gave was very professionally done, easy to follow, and is just what i was looking for. Very good advise. It confirms what every successful marketer does. They may use different tracking software but the core advise is the same.

    You can use this advise for advertising in other areas too. You may find a lower
    cost per click (CPC). It does not need to be Facebook only.

    Gary Halbert stated “all advertising is free once you break even”.


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