Traditional Education Vs Self Education “Exposing a Conspiracy”

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“A traditional education can make you a living but a self education can make you a fortune” -unknown

I’ve been reading.. well actually listening to an audio book in my car called the “Conspiracy of the Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert is the best selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “If You Want to be Rich and Happy Don’t go to School.”  

The information has truly opened my eyes to why we are facing some of our current economic challenges. The first half of the book is like a history lesson. I have always been interested in history and learning from the past. Although 20th century American history has been of great interest to me I never learned anything like this. It was all about the history of money, currency and understanding how our system really works. Robert also identifies the 8 “new rules” of money

Without going off on a huge tangent which I’ve been known to do when discussing this subject I learned that there really has been a conspiracy of the rich in this country and the world over the past hundred years or so. It started when John D Rockefeller took over the general education board in 1903. This is when the uber wealthy and  ultra powerful decided what the rest of us (future generations of Americans) would learn in school. 

Now I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. You may even say I am a little naive. My overly trusting nature has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. I don’t want to believe that someone could be so selfish that they would intentionally hurt millions of people over the period of decades and generations to protect their interests and keep their wealth within their family. But it certainly seems to me like that is exactly what has happened. 

You may want to stop reading now if you don’t want to start questioning the fundamentals of our society and learn that you’ve been lied to your entire life.

The American education system was modeled after the Prussian system, which was designed to create complacent employees and soldiers. When the super wealthy were given the power to choose what we would learn they decided to use education as a means of creating employees to work in their factories and soldiers to protect their investments. 

They were creating a society of slaves. People who would blindly follow orders and have no aspirations other than to live a happy life.

Conveniently they omitted the subject of money and financial education, (a topic vital to living a successful life in a capitalist society), because what do you need to know about money if you’re pre-destined to be nothing more than a cog in someone else’s money machine. 

It use to be illegal to teach southern slaves how to read because they knew an educated slave was dangerous. 

You need more education than our school systems provide

I believe a big part of the problem in our education system is that it is stuck in the industrial age while we are currently living in the information age. So kids are not taught how to adapt to a constantly changing world or how to compete in a brand new global economy. 

However, there is very good news here for those of us who are willing to invest in our selves and put time and energy into our self education. One of the “new rules of money Robert identifies is that knowledge is the new money. Many people believe that it takes money to make money. That is a belief you may have if you are playing by the old rules. 

Self Education

These days if you have the right knowledge you can make an unlimited amount of income with little to no money invested. I’ve learned through my own self education that over the coming years we will see a 50 trillion dollar transfer of wealth from the uninformed to the well informed. Those of us with the right knowledge can come out of this crisis wealthier than we ever imagined and sadly there will be tens of millions of victims who continue playing by the old rules. 

The type of information required to live a successful abundant life in 2010 and beyond will not be learned in school. Call it a conspiracy or just the fact that schools have not caught up to our fast pace world. The type of education that will allow you to survive and thrive over the coming years will only come from a self education, reading authors like Robert Kiyosaki and others. Those of us willing to take the blinders off and open our minds to a new world of information and ideas have not only the ability but the obligation to share with others.

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