Top Tier Direct Sales | Advantages and Disadvantages

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Top Tier Direct SalesTop Tier Direct Sales

Top tier direct sales organizations are companies in the network marketing industry with entry levels much higher than those of traditional mlm companies. A traditional mlm company may have a buy in level of three hundred dollars and the distributor may make fifty dollars from making the sale. With top tier direct sales the entry level to join may be five thousand dollars and the payout to the distributor might be fifteen hundred. At first glance it probably makes more sense to get paid the larger commission up front. However in the top tier direct sales world there is usually less residual income since the majority of the income is made upfront. A very successful network marketer once said I’d rather get paid 1% of the efforts of a hundred people than 100% of my own.” So there is really no right or wrong answer. It’s all personal preference. The network marketers in the top tier organizations will tell you top tier is the way to go and the marketers in MLM will tell you there way is the best. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on both the advantages and disadvantages of the top tier direct sales home business industry so you can make a more informed decision about the direction you want to go.

Top Tier Direct Marketing

One of the issues some people have with top tier direct sales is that it is more difficult to find people who can afford the higher entry level. It really all comes down to your marketing. With top tier direct marketing you have to target people who can afford the higher entry fee. Luckily the internet provides a medium to find people in many segmented niche markets. And you can gear your marketing to find people who live more affluent lifestyles based on their activity in social media and the keywords they are putting into the search engines. With top tier direct marketing you are also dealing with people who have a higher income mentality. It is unfortunate that some people cannot scrape together three hundred dollars for something that may be able to help them out of poverty but those are usually the people who are least open to opportunity. With top tier direct marketing you are dealing with people with higher income mentalities who understand building a business takes time, money and a real commitment. It is also easier to quit when the going gets tough if you have less financial commitment to the business. If you have five, ten or twenty thousand dollars invested in a business it will usually take more than a gust of wind to nock you off track.

Top tier direct sales disadvantages

If you look at some of the most successful network marketers in the industry, the guys and gals who make the multiple six and even seven figure MONTHLY walk away incomes they did it through traditional MLM models and NOT with a top tier direct sales home business. Sure you can make a residual income with a top tier model but it pales in comparison to the type of residual income you can make with traditional MLM. I’ve heard of people who retired from their MLM company and still made a 5 figure monthly income twenty years after retiring. You just can’t do that with a top tier business. With most top direct sales companies If you personally stop producing your income will take a huge hit if not stop altogether. If you want to work for 3 to 5 years and get paid for 20 or work 5 to 10 years and get paid for the rest of your life MLM is probably the way to go. Honestly. This is the MLM Company I recommend if you want to create a large residual walk away income.

On the flip side some people don’t have three to five years. Due to economic issues like unemployment many people out there need to replace substantial incomes TODAY. Many of those people are not going to see how making a $50 or a $100 dollar commission is going to replace a $50,000 or $100,000 per year salary. For those people MLM may not be the answer and the path top tier may be the way to go.

Top Direct Sales Companies

Many of the top direct sales companies have compensation plans that offer the best of both worlds. Upfront income to pay the bills today and a passive income model to retire on tomorrow. There are also several companies out there that are much more focused on the upfront and less on the residual and vice versa. Again it depends on what it is you are looking for that best serves your life . The top direct sales companies also offer much more than a lucrative compensation plan, including support and training for its members that can prove much more lucrative than the compensation plan itself.

Its in your best interest to find a mentor who has achieved the type of income or lifestyle you want and model yourself after them. Do your homework, research compensation plans and businesses to find the one thats right for you and trust your gut. When you do find the company thats right for you take massive action and approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn. With the right amount of desire and motivation you will find the direct sales industry an amazing vehicle to fast track you to where you want to be.

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