Tony Robbins Seasons of Life – Where do you fall?

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Tony Robbins Seasons of Life – Where do you fall?

Tony Robbins and the Seasons of Life. I was writing a post on my blog the other morning on direct sales recruiting and referenced a quote I heard once from Tony Robbins that “people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate what they can accomplish in ten years.” It pertained to the message of that particular post.

I have become a big fan of Tony Robbins only recently since I’ve been reading Awaken the giant within.

I linked to the official website to give credit where credit was due.. and I stopped on the home page for a minute and watched Tony’s 8 minute intro video. He was talking about people being in different stages in their lives as different seasons.

Again I was blown away by how cool the message was so I did my best to describe it in this video.

And of course I give credit where credit is due.. If you are looking for greater results in your life and you know you are the type of person who has the potential to be more, learn more, lead more inspire more, have more, I highly recommend you spend some time on the official Tony Robbins website.

Tony Robbins seasons of life – as I investigated more I saw some other great speakers and mentors have shared this same message including Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. I believe it really does not matter where you hear it it is a question you want to ask yourself and understand where you are at in your life.

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