Where to Find Time Saving, Profit Producing Leverage Points In Your Business

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I recently finished the Audible version of Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing, for probably at least the 3rd time now. In the book Perry discusses the phenomenon of 80/20, which is the principle that states that 20% of input is always responsible for 80% of output.

Here’s an example: 80% of the motor vehicle traffic in your city is traveling on 20% of the roads in the city. And within that 20% of roads there is another 80/20. So out of THAT 20% of roads, 20% of those roads are being traveled by 80% of the traffic. That would be an example of 80/20 to the power of 2. or 95/5.

80/20 exists everywhere in the world. Populations of countries in the world, wealth of the citizens of any given country, or anything else you want to count and categories from any random assortment of people.

So what does this have to do with you and your business?


See in any sales organization 80% of the sales revenue is created by 20% of the sales people. And 20% of your social media followers are responsible for 80% of your social media engagement. 20% of the time you spend building your business is responsible for 80% of the results (traffic, leads, sales) in your business.

See how when you train your mind to see 80/20 leverage points in your business you can find the things producing the most so you can do more of it and the things that are causing the most waste, so you can do less of it.

Pretty cool right?

I think so… Thats why I shot this Facebook live video and why i’m sharing the replay with you here and now. Watch the following video to learn more about where to find time saving, profit producing leverage points in your business

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