Which Archetype Are You? The Wizard or the Warrior?

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So I came across this audio the other day when I was listening to my iTunes on shuffle.


Since i’ve been so into collecting and consuming personal development information my iTunes is about 70% music and about 30% personal development so I get an interesting mix when I put it on shuffle at the gym.


I had forgotten about this little gem from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Creator T Harv Eker. If you’ve never been to a “Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar” you should make it a point to go…..


……That is of course if success is in life, business and especially finance is something you are moving towards.


And if you have been to MMI before I just want to tell you that “You’re Awesome High Five!”


Is that good or good?


archetypes the wizard and the warriorThis blog post will discuss two archetypes, the Wizard and the Warrior.


Try and identify which of these 2 archetypes you most identify with and then I’ll tell you which one you need in order to be massively successful in business and in life!


Archetypes are ways of BEING.


If your familiar with T Harv Eker you know that one of his biggest principles he teaches is if you want to change the fruits you have to change the roots.


In this audio I came across Harv was talking about this philosophy of BE – DO – HAVE


If you want to change the results you see in your life you must start by being different than your currently being?


Is that true yes or yes?


Who do you have to BE to DO what you need to DO to HAVE what you want to HAVE.


Here they are the wizard and the warrior:

The warrior’s way is the way of action, the wizard’s way is the way of attraction….


The warrior achieves, the wizard receives.


The warrior focuses, the wizard flows….


The warrior achieves with whatever it takes, the wizard achieves with elegance and grace.


The warrior is objective, the wizard knows everything is subjective.


The warrior creates what is, the wizard utilizes what is.


The warrior works with their thoughts, the wizard works with the space between their thoughts.


The warrior plans for order and finds chaos, the wizard plans for chaos and finds order.


The warrior is who they have to be in the moment, the wizard is who they choose to be in the moment.


The warrior creates in the universe, the wizard co-creates with the universe.


The warrior battles through any storm, the wizard is the eye of the storm.


The warrior CONQUERS the mountain, the wizard IS the mountain.


The warrior succeeds in spite of anything, the wizard is calm centered and peaceful in spite of anything.


My friends this is what you have to BE in order to be a successful yet also very grounded human being.




If you identified more with the wizard you must make it a point to be more like the warrior.


The wizard is very “go with the flow.” Sometimes maybe even a little too “go with the flow” if you know what I mean.


Being content with the way things are can be a good thing but not when you know you can do more, have more and contribute more if you just decided to PLAY FULL OUT the way the wizard does.


So it will greatly serve you to take charge of the situation, focus on the solution and act in spite of fear because thats what the warrior does.


If you identified more with the warrior then its not going to kill you to take a deep breath every once in a while and reflect on the awesomeness you have created!


Here’s another secret I pulled out of this training.


Don’t live as the warrior. You’ll get burned out.


If you want to be truly successful, live your life as the wizard and call upon the sword of the warrior as needed.


I would love to hear your thoughts and which archetype you most identified with so please leave me a comment below!


Talk soon,



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