The Ultimate ‘Video Ad Playbook’ Blog Post – Exclusive Interviews, New Profit-Pumping ‘List Levearge’ Bonus Series And 3 Uncommon Ways I’m Promoting the Course

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WARNING: Don’t even think about buying Mark Harbert’s “Video Ad Playbook” until you check out the explosive, profit pumping “List Leverage” 3 part bonus series detailed at the bottom of this post!

Not only am I about to give you access to my exclusive interview with VAP creator Mark Harbert, but I’m also going to show you 3 uncommon ways i’m personally promoting the course…. Simply being aware of these 3 unique strategies will make you a better online marketer, guaranteed!

I’m also going to show you how you can get your hands on the most relevant, complimentary sales driving and profit-pumping “Bonus Series” being offered by any VAP promoter! 

A bold statement I know…

But stick with me kid because I can delver!

I was getting full-time results in this industry when Mark and Franky didn’t know their ass from their elbow in the online traffic game 🙂

Back to the bonus series in just a minute…

First, I AM GOING TO ROCK YOUR WORLD by opening your eyes to some unique strategies for maximizing your reach, exploding your traffic and leads and greatly enhancing your sales conversions and profitability in your business!

Sound like a deal?

Here we go…

Here are 3 ways I’m promoting Mark Harbert’s all new “Video Ad Playbook” course <<== SERIOUSLY, IF YOU BUY VAP WITHOUT AT LEAST CHECKING OUT MY BONUS BELOW YOU ARE MAKING A VERY COSTLY AND VERY AVOIDABLE MISTAKE! My All New “List Leverage Bonus Series” is only available to marketers who purchase Video Ad Playbook through this link by Wednesday November 26th at Midnight

1 – Twitter ‘Lead Gen’ Cards

I’ve been playing around with these Twitter cards lately. There is a ton of untapped potential with this strategy and very few marketers even know about it, let alone use it to drive traffic.

Its free to create the cards themselves.

I use a program called to create the images. Canva is free, super simple, easy to learn and fun to use. Once I create the card, I create a “tweet” to go along with it and I then “pin it” to my Twitter wall. This is also completely free.

After that I created a Twitter advertising campaign and drive some paid ads to boost the traffic. Paid ads are not required to get traffic with Twitter Cards but I do recommend it for scaling your traffic.

Here’s an image to show you what the card looks like once I created the tweet and pinned it to my Twitter wall.



2 – Combining Video With Facebook Ads

Its kinda shocking how so few VAP promoters are using this strategy to promote this “video marketing” course right?

This is the video I made to promote the course. I really like to shoot “driving videos” because, especially when you are driving in a scenic area, the movement makes the video very compelling and engaging. Also Notice the crystal clear “call to action” and how many times I mention the site

Watch this next video to learn what I did with it once I published it to facebook to start getting fast, scalable and consistent traffic and leads!


3 – The “segmenting trick” I use to double my email open rates and maximize clicks to my offer



Mark Harbert’s Video Ad Playbook course is designed to get you high quality traffic and leads by combining the rapport building power of video with the sheer reach and targeting power of facebook. By following the methods he teaches in the course you will be able to get leads and build your email list, and some people will even sign up right away without any follow up.

However, as profit conscious entrepreneurs, especially since Video Ad Playbook is teaching a PAID advertising strategy, you want to maximize your sales conversions with a good follow up strategy. One of the best ways to maximize your sales and signup conversions after they get on your list is with email marketing.

Because after all, you put valuable time and money into building the list right?

Doesn’t it make sense to get the most value in the form of sales, signups and profit once you get them on your list?

What if you could completely automate the follow up process with a smart, simple email marketing campaign?

That is why my all new “List Leverage” Bonus Series is the most relevant and complimentary bonus package being offered by any VAP affiliate.

I’m giving away the following bonuses for free, to anyone who purchases Mark Harbert’s Video Ad Playbook through this link


List Leverage Bonus #1 – The List Leverage Email Marketing Training Series

The List Leverage Email Marketing Training Series is designed to help you get the most value from your email list in the form of sales and signups.

It consists of 4 main email marketing strategies.

  • Engagement – An engagement series is designed to engage the prospect and is all about the “thing” that they opted-in for. Usually the sales video or offer. This is the main way you will “scoop up” any sales and signups that didn’t join or purchase right away. Because it uses a lot of “urgency” you will also get a lot more people opening your emails and clicking your links “early and often” which will help maximize your long term profitability in your business by ensuring a long term list subscriber.
  • Indoctrination – The Indoctrination series is designed to build trust and rapport with your prospects. This is where its ok to talk about “You” a little, and let the subscriber know what they can expect by being on your email list. This skyrockets your trust and credibility, assists with the engagement process and helps you to have an engage subscriber who actually pays attention to your offers because they know you, like you and trust you!
  • Segmentation – Did you see the segmentation trick in the video above? It was pretty cool right? The segmentation training in the List Leverage series will help you maximize email opens rates and clicks to your offer. This is usually in the form of a “broadcast campaign” and is perfect for doing affiliate launches, info product launches, or launching any new offer, product or business to your subscribers. This is how you make a lot of money from your email list over the long haul.
  • Re-Engagement – Over time, some of your list subscribers will become inactive. It really doesn’t matter how good you are or how “slick” your marketing is, this happens to every long-term list builder. The re-engagement campaign will breath life back into subscribers who have become inactive. This maximizes conversions because you can re-activate old email subscribers and it helps ensure future email deliverability of your emails by implementing “list hygiene” which is more important today than its ever been for helping you avoid ending up in your subscribers spam folder.

Here’s what one of my List Leverage Email Training buyers had to say after going through the course.



List Leverage Bonus #2 – A “List Leverage Email Marketing” Training and Q&A Webinar

Once you’ve gone through the List Leverage Email Marketing Training Series you will naturally have a few questions. This webinar will be part coaching and part interactive Q&A. I will give you a “behind the scenes” look at some of my most effective email marketing subject lines, emails and campaigns. You will discover top producer copyrighting strategies and principles and I will help you maximize your own email campaigns so you can crush in in the new year. This powerful training will help you get a better understanding of how to maximize your own sales conversions and profitability through email marketing.

List Leverage Bonus #3 – My All New “Maximizing Email Profits” Ebook

NOTE: This eBook is so new that it hasn’t even been released yet! In fact, it will be a week or so before its even ready to be delivered at all, but as part of the “List Leverage Bonus package” you will be among the very first to access it and consume the incredibly valuable new and improved “21 Tricks and Hacks for Ensuring Deliverability, Maximizing Engagement and Maximizing Email Marketing Profits in Your Business.” This alone will give you a massive leg up over your competition and help provide clarity in today’s chaotic and often confusing email marketing landscape.

Now I’m not going to give you any jacked up numbers of what these bonuses are worth. If you don’t see the value in email marketing and how it perfectly complements the traffic and “list building” strategies you will get inside Video Ad Playbook, then I fear you don’t really understand “Internet Marketing” and you need these bonuses more than you even know.

Again, you are going to be spending valuable time and money to get traffic and leads and build your list. Doesn’t it make sense to maximize your SALES conversions and profitability on the back end once they subscribe?

That is what I’m offering you with this exciting and profit pumping bonus package and it is ONLY available to you when you buy Mark Harbert’s all new Video Ad Playbook course through this link ==>>

This offer is only valid until Wednesday, November 26th at midnight Eastern!

I look forward to helping you maximize your sales conversions and profitability via this exciting bonus package.

As promised, here is my exclusive interview with Mark where he and I discuss the future of internet marketing, why video marketing is such a powerful strategy and how he used it to generate over 40,000 leads for his business. Click play and watch the video to gain powerful business building insights.

Learn More About the Course And Get Access To It Here


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