Opening Lines (first impressions are everything!)

Hi, I see you’re friends with Randy Gage. I’m expanding my network and would love to connect with you. Feel free to IM me when your online. What do you do?

Hi my name is Adam. I saw your profile in the group for Usana. I love connecting with other network marketers and entrepreneurs. How long have you been with Usana?

Hi my name is Adam and I found your profile in the Las Vegas network marketers group. I’m currently expanding my network and love connecting with sharp sales and marketing professionals. Accept my friend request and feel free to im me anytime.

Hi my name is Adam. I saw your profile in the Xango success group. You look like a sharp person and I’d love to add you to my network! What do you do?

Accepting friend requests.

Hi firstname thanks for the friend request what do you do?

Questions and Closing Questions

1.) What do you do?

2.) What company are you with?

3.) How long have you been with that company?

4.) Oh cool.. What strategies are you using to build your business?

5.) Is that working for you?

If yes proceed to question 6.

If no.. (usually they will add an explanation of why that’s not working. If they do not ASK!) Lets assume they tell you there friends are all uninterested

Oh yeah I hate that when they tell you to just talk to your friends and family. As if they will all of a sudden be interested. I actually got involved with some online marketers who are providing some great training. Do you do any online marketing for your business?

6.) Do you do any online marketing for your business?

7.)Are you interested in learning how to build your business online?

7b) I’m involved with an attraction marketing system and some great leaders. Are you open to trying some new effective strategies for building your business?

7c) I’ve recently met some guys who are crushing it using some killer online strategies. Are you interested taking a look at a proven system and a community of industry leaders?

If no.. OK have a great day!

If yes.. 20 minute presentation by an industry leader on how to build effectively in the 21st century.


60 Minutes daily bringing people through this process.

2 – ½ hours sessions.

Invite 10 friends per session, twice per day and add a personal message.

Managing emails (20-30-45-60 minutes)

Call to Action!!

Don’t get distracted!


Every once in a while you’ll find a person who does not have a company currently. Ask them if they are open to taking a look at YOUR opportunity. If you are consistent with this strategy you will sign people up, period!

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