The “Perpetual Results Formula” for Creating Instant Authority and Attracting More Leads and Sales

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Its hard to believe that when I got started in online marketing back in 2008, in order to create leads and sales all you needed was a website with cash raining down from the sky and pictures of mansions and Cadillac Escalades…. No joke, that stuff use to actually work!


These days people are more sophisticated – and smarter – and more skeptical – and that sort of thing doesn’t really work anymore…. Although some people still do it anyway.


As the Internet and the home business industry evolves, it is getting more and more important to position yourself as an authority.


But how do you position yourself as an authority if you don’t have any substantial results yet?


We do it through a process that I call, “the perpetual results formula”


Back to that in just a minute….


One of the first things I learned in online marketing was that you have to promote someone else’s success story while you create your own. And I think that’s still true. We can leverage systems and tools and point to success stories of other people to create results for ourselves.


The perpetual results formula is simply about getting a result – any result – your first 100 Facebook fans – your first 10 leads online – recruiting your first rep into your business – making your first $100 in affiliate commissions etc. And then leveraging that result to create even bigger results and then repeating the process.


We use content marketing along with social media to basically “shout it from the rooftops” when we get the result.


Here’s a social media post example, “I’m so excited I just generated my first $100 commission with my online system! Shoot me a message if you want to know how I did it” 


Or “I’m so excited I’m generating online leads for my business. No more painful cold calling or harassing friends for me lol… Leave me a comment below if you want me to show you how I’m doing it”


These are both examples of how you can use a result to get engagement from your social media followers and from there expose them to your marketing system or ask them if they are open to joining you in your primary business.


If you want to create even more leverage in this process you would create a piece of content to explain how you did it. A blog post preferably but if you don’t have a blog you could do this with a video that you could then publish to Facebook or YouTube


Make sure you have a strong “call to action” at the end of your content to encourage your visitors to visit your lead capture page and give them a strong reason for why they should….


These 2 strategies work like gangbusters as long as you are consistently growing your social media audience, which you should be doing anyway if you want to be taken seriously as a business owner.


Do you see how both of these strategies lead to even bigger results? More leads and possibly even more sales & signups?


Do you see how, when you do this consistently that the results begin to compound and get bigger and bigger as you repeat the process?


Do you also see how you are positioning yourself as the leader and the authority and making recommendations (like an authority would) for others to duplicate your results?


Thats the perpetual results formula in a nutshell.


The reason more beginner marketers don’t do this is because they are looking at the top producers who have huge results and they think that their results are too small or insignificant to mention or make a big deal out of.


But the reality is that new people join the industry every single day and there are many many people out there who want to know how to do things like, generate their first leads online or make their first $100 commission. Show them! Lead them! Provide solutions for them and their problems and watch YOUR results transform before your eyes!


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