The Old Internet is Dead. The NEW Mobile-Net is Born. How to Cash in Here….

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I was blown away when I saw this picture below.

In only a few years we’ve gone from a Desktop world to a Mobile world…

the Internet is dead

Do YOU, as a business owner or entrepreneur, have a Mobile List Building strategy (your most important asset in our new Mobile Economy)? Is Mobile Marketing a piece of your marketing portfolio? Are YOU in a position to cash in on the Mobile Revolution just like the early adopters did when the Internet Revolution took off (at the time of the top picture below, 2005).

If not, you’re gambling, BIG time. And you’re falling behind. The good news is, it’s not too late to get in the game and get “in front” of the massive Mobile trend unfolding. The winners are making the shift to Mobile now. The losers are still chasing the Internet as a means of building income and wealth, still building blogs I think, or something. Waayyyy late. It’s the “combination” of the Internet and Mobile that is creating business breakthroughs….

The old Inter-Net is dead. The new Mobile-Net is creating fortunes.


Where are YOU positioned? Old or New? In front or behind?

Its a simple decission.

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Adam Chandler


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