Painful Yet Hilarious Story.. “The Man” Served Me Up A Reality Sandwich

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Replaced By A BoardHave you ever had a really crapy job experience? I mean.. The kind of really bad job experience that made you say, enough!?

No more jobs for me, EVER!

Has the man ever served you up a reality sandwich?

Well the man has certainly served me up my share of “reality sandwiches.”

Here are just a few examples of some of the crappy job experiences I’ve had in my life..

In 1994 my fist job was picking strawberries for about $2.00/hour. The staff was myself, another 13 year old kid and about 14 Jamaican immigrants.

In 2000 I worked in a pallet mill building pallets with a nail gun in sub-zero conditions. We had a heater but it literally only worked about half of the time.

In 2001 I was fired from a snowmobile tour company in Killington Vermont and replaced by a board.. WATCH THIS VIDEO of me telling that PAINFUL YET HILARIOUS STORY to a group of entrepreneurs at an exclusive Internet Marketing retreat in Cancun, Mexico.

That was just one of many job experiences that added to my hatred for the j.o.b. world. In retrospect I wouldn’t have had it any other way because those bad experiences motivated me to become my own boss and develop my entrepreneurial muscles and become the bad-ass entrepreneur speaking to you today. I increased my value by learning new “profitable” skills that actually work to make money in the 21st century..  to the point where a board could never do what I currently do!

So maybe you were never fired and replaced by a board but if you’re anything like me and you are ready to leave the J.O.B. world in your rearview and enter the new exciting world of entrepreneurship and free enterprise click this link right now to learn how to work with me and my team of internet marketers.

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