The Job Hunt | Realities and Realizations of a Recent College Graduate in 2011

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the job huntI’ve often thought about the hoards of young students just leaving the world of higher education and entering into the uncertain job market of 2011. When I graduated college it was 2003 and the economy was not nearly as bad as it is today. Even then I thought my college degree meant I was basically guaranteed a great job when I left college and that was certainly not the case.

So does that put the new college and grad school graduates of today at an advantage or a disadvantage?

Maybe if the lack of jobs had been more of an issue for me when I entered the “real world” I would have become an entrepreneur much sooner and I by now would be farther along in my entrepreneurial journey. Then again, college students are conditioned to get a good job. Thats why they are in college in the first place most of the time. And I feel many of them are slowly waking up to the harsh realities of the job markets in 2011 and realizing that if they want a life of freedom and security, the way of the J.O.B. (just over broke) is NOT the way to go.

I’ve recently met an inspiring young lady named Allison Kern and I asked her, as someone who recently finished grad school, what it was like to enter the job market in 2011? When you were in school, how did you think things would be when you graduated and how is that different from what you’ve experienced?

This was her reply.


The Job Hunt

Slow Down the Search and Live a Little…

I’ve always tried to plan things.  In high school and beyond I have looked ahead to the next adventure to ensure everything would unfold as I wanted.  I hopped from high school to a small liberal arts college on the East Coast to Boulder, CO and then to graduate school in my hometown. I had a clear idea of each of these stepping-stones, what each would entail and how it would lead to my next step of completing my education and then obtaining a GREAT job.

What I wasn’t prepared for was that the great job I had envisioned somehow wasn’t there at the time I hoped it would be.   After grad school, I was confident that finding employment would be easy and that I would enter into a career I loved.  Well, I was mistaken, as many of those just graduating from college have experienced. At this point in time, I have been out of school one year and still haven’t found that “Great Job” I so desperately wanted.  After interviews, hiring fallouts, piles of applications, networking events, and waves of disappointed, I became tired and very unsure of myself. What was the point of years of education? Why did I go to grad school? What am I doing wrong?! All of these questions have threatened to thwart my journey on finding something worthwhile. So after months of disappointment, I had to develop a new perspective…one of self-reliance and confidence in my abilities.

I consistently overlooked “NOW” and was always looking at the possibility of something better, making plans based on when that “Great Job” would come along.  I was relying on other people to determine my value and worth instead of acting upon the value I already provided to the world.  I have shifted my focus onto the job I DO have and the skills I can certainly put to good use.  I wasn’t taking initiative   and or responsibility for my livelihood until recently.

I began to work harder at my current job at a country club, taking more shifts, and offering my assistance in other areas such as social media management, office management and event planning. I have made more money and positively affected my work experience. Additionally, I had ideas of starting my own business but kept getting down on myself that I wasn’t skilled enough, or I should do something else…blah blah blah. These pessimistic voices kept me from moving forward until I told myself I could do it.  I wanted to do something with social media management so I just started researching and offering help to my current employer and friends to help them with their social media sites.  They’ve wanted my help and each day I feel more and more valuable instead of pitying myself for months of not having that full-time job started.

My experiences this year have made me reevaluate my desire for a “ Great Job” and the fact that a year ago I would have settled for just a “job” with set pay and an employer calling the shots. While I wouldn’t mind that as PART of my career, I know now that I deserve anything I can dream up.  I have the ability to make the kind of money I want and pursue any avenue of interest I desire. What I know is that I should live in the NOW and I don’t have to settle for what others expect of me or offer me. A year ago I didn’t realize my full potential and I don’t just want a job…I want a life.

Think differently. One 9-5 job may not be what you truly want and is no longer the norm. Many people have multiple jobs, streams of income and interests. We are individuals so follow your individual path. There is not one right way, one job you need or worked towards to this point.  Have confidence in yourself and the value you provide to others and things will fall into place.


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Allison Kern is certainly someone who “gets it.” She understands that the path of true freedom is the path of the entrepreneur. She understands that in order to thrive in this day and age you must be able to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

We are not going to manufacture our way out of this recession the way we did in the past. Those kinds of jobs are going to the third world along with millions of technology jobs. Its way cheaper for American businesses to outsource there and the internet makes it super efficient. Yet millions of people are sitting around scratching their heads, wondering when the government is going to fix the problem. WAKE UP!!

The solutions to these problems will not be coming from the top!!

It is up to you and me and people like Allison to step up, embrace free enterprise and grass roots capitalism and lead the masses into a new era!

The business leaders of tomorrow will be those of us who embrace the internet and social media and have the foresight to adapt to a new world rather than resist it.

If you agree with this and have the courage to step up and be a leader in the new world, leave me a comment below..

Adam Chandler

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