The Night and Day Difference Between Amateur and Professional Marketers

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The Differences between amateur and professional marketersThe differences between amateur and professional marketers are night and day in just about every situation. From the way they position themselves in the marketplace to the way the posture themselves on the phone to the way they communicate via email and in person. Professional marketers also view situations they face in their business differently.

Many amateur marketers have an “Ill give this a try attitude.” Which in my experience is the kiss of death for the entrepreneur. They dip their big toe in as a way to test the water instead of jumping in with both feet. Bing an entrepreneur in any capacity will come with a great deal of challenges. Unless you fully commit and adopt an, “I will, until” mentality you will be easily knocked off course when the wind blows.

The wind WILL blow and you will be tested time and time again. If you view those inevitable challenges and road-blocks as learning experiences rather than reasons to throw in the towel you will be 90% there!

So lets talk about the other 10%!

The other 10% is the “how to.” In my opinion amateur marketers get WAY TOO caught up in the “how to.” They think that they have to know everything before they take action. They wait for circumstances to be just right before they do anything. This is wrong.

Emerson said, “Do the thing and you will have the power”

What I take away from this powerful quote is that it starts with action. It starts with doing, not waiting to do.

Professional marketers understand that 80% of their marketing efforts will produce ZERO results. A big ahha moment for me came when I was interviewing a seven-figure marketer and mentor of mine. He said that he attempts marketing campaigns that fail on a regular basis. Even though he’s been wildly successful. This marketer understands that it’s not about being perfect all the time. It’s about creating enough action to where you can identify the 10 to 20% of your effort that produces the results and learning from your mistakes. Click here to read that post and access my 7-figure interview with Norbert Orlewicz.

Another 7-figure marketer who I learned a lot about video marketing from said that he produced hundreds of videos. The majority of which received very few views and even fewer leads and conversions. He also identified ONE VIDEO that made him over $70,000 in a one-year period.

Was this the first video he ever made? Of course not! Was that one video the best video he ever created. Probably not. But the point is that he kept attempting and putting stuff out there until he crushed it with one.

My point here is get started now! You will learn much more from trying new things and failing than you ever will from watching videos, reading blogs, talking to your upline or anything else.

You also must develop a solid action plan. This blog post will help you create a “killer” direct sales marketing plan in your business. It will give you daily action steps and results-oriented production goals. Read that post and start to take action today!

I promise when you adopt that “I will until” attitude and you really commit to your professional development, the “how to” will fall into place every single time!

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See you at the top!

Adam Chandler

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