The Choice is Yours…

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The choice is yoursThe choice is yours.. You can choose to pay the price of discipline today or the price of regret tomorrow. Which will you choose?

Realize that either way you are in fact making a choice. Even a non-decision is a decision. Many people are simply unwilling to make the necessary SHORT TERM SACRIFICES to pursue their hopes and dreams because the outcome is not crystal clear. It comes with a level of uncertainty and uncertainty is ALWAYS followed by feelings of fear of the unknown.

Understand that you will pay a price for the decisions (or lack thereof) that you make today. If you choose to take calculated risks, work on yourself, your goals, your business, even if the outcome is uncertain you are planting seeds. Any farmer knows that you do not reap the harvest in the same season that you plant the seeds.

Unfortunately, most business owners in the network marketing, direct selling or home based business arena obviously do not understand this. They do not give themselves enough time to succeed, only enough time to fail and that is why the failure rate in our industry is so high.

“Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate what they can accomplish in ten years” -Anthony Robbins

Are you planting seeds of success in your business and your life right now?

The Price of Discipline

Discipline can certainly be painful at first. In fact, it will be difficult at first. It will be uncomfortable but it will get easier and soon it will become second nature. What happens then? A new habit is formed that can actually help you in life rather than hurt you. Most people focus on their bad habits. They focus on their weakness and the more they try and break the bad habit, the further ingrained it becomes. Here is the solution. Replace the old bad habit with a positive new habit that serves you. If you have problem with overeating, anytime you have a desire to snack in between meals or overindulge, stop yourself and go for a brisk walk. Soon this new pattern will interrupt the old one and the new positive habit will replace the old bad one. Focus on the person you want to become, write down the characteristics of that person. Get really clear with how that person acts in certain situations. Are they disciplined? Are they a leader? Do they inspire others into action? What do you need to do to become that person? What small thing can you change today that gets you one step closer to becoming that person?

The Price of Regret

Regret is the worst thing anyone can possibly live with, in my opinion. And however painful discipline can be to attain, it is not nearly as painful as living with regret. Regret is also far more permanent than discipline and maybe thats why its such a terrible thing. I for one, do not want to live with any regret in my life. When I was six months into my business, deeply in debt and making ZERO dollars I had people in my life that cared about me who were telling me to quit. Had I taken their advice and thrown in the towel, only to return to the J.O.B world that I so desperately hated, I would have deeply regretted my decision because I would never have known what could have been. In reality, I would have probably given up on my one shot at freedom and happiness and I would not have realized it for many many years. Life is far too short to live with regret of any kind and I will personally do everything in my power to avoid it.

Do you feel like you can be doing more to secure your future situation? Have you had urges to do something outside the box, but fear of the unknown has stopped you from taking action? Take action today! Take some small step today that will bring you closer to it. And if you fail… GOOD! Get up. Brush yourself off. Pat yourself on the back for having the courage to try something new and then try again. Double your rate of failure and you will double your rate of success!

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