The 5 Most Powerful Words You Can Say To Another Human Being

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I recently got back from a live event in Las Vegas called the 3C event, which stands for Create (traffic) Capture (leads) and Convert (sales)

One of the speakers reminded me of an Influence Formula that I learned a while back but had since forgotten… The guy was presenting on Facebook ads. He had built a multiple seven figure business consulting and setting up FB ad campaigns for other businesses….

The formula however was not related directly to Facebook…

Rather, it is a copywriting formula… If you apply what I’m about to share with you to your marketing efforts, content creation, email marketing and other aspects of your online sales funnel you will see a spike in your results guaranteed…

Here are the 5 most powerful words you can say to another human being…

“I Know How You Feel”

This establishes a connection between you and your prospect that makes it about a thousand times easier to influence them into the next action you want them to take…  Of course it has to be genuine for it to work. Keep reading and I’ll give you a cool example of how I used it in my own marketing…

Here’s the expanded version of the formula…

Feel, Felt Found

Start implementing the feel, felt, found formula and you will become a better marketer and a more influential person, guaranteed!

As soon as I got home from the event, one of the first things I did was to change all of my “Thank you pages” to add videos to them… The thank you page is the page that the prospect sees directly after they opt-in on your lead capture page.

So I made a video thanking them for opting in (hence the term “thank you page”) and then I proceeded to tell them that if they are not getting the results they came to the home business industry for its because they simply don’t have enough leads coming into their pipeline or prospects to share their opportunity with… A very common problem for home business owners.

And because they don’t have enough leads they are probably resorting to doing things like buying leads who have no idea who they are, spamming their links around social media and chasing around cynical friends and family members… All things that most network marketing companies tell their reps to do when they don’t know how to generate leads…

Keep reading here’s where it gets really good!

I then told them (in the video) that if they’ve been doing those things and they are frustrated with their results that I’ve been there too and I understand how they feel! 

I said I know how you FEEL

In fact, I FELT the same way….

Until I FOUND this incredible online marketing system that showed me how to get the leads I needed to get consistent results in my business…

Do you see how this gets the prospect to think, “Oh my god this person found the answer to OUR problem!!!”

If you can get your prospects to think that, they will follow you!

Start incorporating the Feel, Felt, Found formula into all of your marketing, your sales funnels, your content, your email writing and watch your results transform before your eyes…

Pretty cool right?

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Onward and upward!

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