The 100 Day MLM Biz Builder Challenge

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The purpose of the 100 day challenge is to provide a team building atmosphere where you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your current business over the next 100 days; To create momentum in your business that will last the ENTIRE year;  And develop habits and skills that can produce income for you in the network marketing industry for years to come.

The 100 Day MLM Biz Builder Challenge

The other night I hosted a training call where I mapped out the upcoming 100 day biz builder challenge for about 70 live participants. Over the course of the last 3 years I’ve been in the direct sales industry I’ve experienced several growth spurts as well as many valleys or plateaus. I’ve identified what was happening during the growth spurts where my business grew exponentially and kept me in positive cash flow through the periods of plateau.

Visit to access the 60 minute presentation from Monday night that outlines the challenge and all the benefits.

It was always when I was being pushed. Either by someone else, like with the 90 day challenge I did early in my development or when I was striving to win a contest or a trip by my company or marketing system. Most recently I won an Ipad and a helicopter ski trip in British Columbia Canada.

So it was when I was striving to reach a certain goal, when I was pushed, that I experienced the game changing results and that is why my business partner Jordan Schultz and I are hosting this 100 day biz builder challenge.

The 100 day MLM biz builder challenge – get the push you require to take your business to the next level!

This challenge will be both a crash course in online marketing and direct sales training. All the marketing methods that will be shared and encouraged are 100% FREE and completely doable for anyone regardless of previous experience or skill set.

These are the business building methods and skills that we will focus on building over the 100 days

Content Marketing

You will be expected to produce a certain number of content each week. Content in the form of videos, articles, press releases, etc. We will have ongoing training throughout the 100 day process to share ideas on content to create and to push you to do the work required.

Content Sharing

I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag about this just yet but we have integrated some cutting edge tools for sharing and syndicating each others content. We will be helping each other get massive exposure and you will be required to share each others content as a way to all move forward collectively as a team.

Social Media

Building social media accounts is vital to this process. Many people do not do this consistently because they do not see the overnight results. You will be giving production goals to build your own social media accounts over the 100 days. This will provide a great audience for your newly created content and improve your credibility along with your brand.


Getting good at this is again vital to your success in network marketing! You will be expected to share YOUR products, services, opportunities, etc. over the phone on a DAILY BASIS. If you are not generating leads with phone numbers yet we will show you how to find quality prospects to connect with.


Accountability partners will be given to keep yourself and each other on track. This is meant to be part of your support system and is vital to your growth as an entrepreneur. Your accountability partner(s) will make sure your doing what you said you would do when it comes to the areas of content production, content sharing, social media and prospecting. Details on exactly how this will work will be given in our first 100 day challenge meeting.

The ONLY requirement for taking part in the 100 day biz builder challenge is that your an active member of MyLeadSystemPRO.

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Once you have done that, or if you are already an active member of MLSP send an email to

with “100 day challenge” in the subject line. Include your name, contact info including phone number and skype address as well as the name of your MLSP sponsor. Feel free to email that address with any questions regarding the challenge.

You still have 5 days before the challenge starts so get on it and get psyched for an amazing business building experience.

Are you ready for a massive spike in your current business?

If you are psyched about the challenge (as I know many of you are), please leave share this and leave me a comment below!!

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