Eye Opening Case Study Reveals an 'Income Breakthrough' for Home Business Owners…

“How I Made $23,046 + in Just 2 Months from Only 49 Customers And How You Can Too”

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If you've been looking for a formula to replace a full-time income from a job or other business with breakneck speed, you've come to the right place!

My name is Adam Chandler and I've been helping people just like you create income results and lifestyle freedom via home based business for the past 6 years now. I've recently discovered what I consider to be an absolute income breakthrough for affiliate marketers and other home business professionals in 2014.

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FACT : You don't need a million customers to make a 6-figure income from home if your positioned in a real, well-timed business that has effective sales funnels and top notch training…

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Check out the following "case study" of how I made $23,046 plus a solid monthly residual Income between Feb and March of 2014 with only 49 customers, using this revolutionary new turnkey system.

First, since you probably don't know me from a hole in the ground…

Here's some proof…

The Process (Acquiring Leads and Signups)

So at this point you may be thinking… Thats great but how the heck did you get those 49 customers?

First its important to understand that the 49 customers resulted from generating about 1,400 online leads…

Don't know the first thing about online traffic or lead generation?

No worries.. We've got you covered..

As an affiliate of our system you get done for your articles, blog content, social media swipe copy and a ton of training on how to get high quality traffic and leads…

Online lead generation is simple, predictable and very profitable when you have solid how-to training combined with capture pages and offers that actually convert leads and sales.

This is an example of one of our capture page headlines that has driven thousands of leads for myself and for our team…

Is this an unfair advantage?

As an affiliate of our system you get access to several high converting capture pages utilizing headlines like this one…

Do you see how and why a headline like this converts leads so well?

First, its different… You know as well as I do that the world is going Mobile!

And more and more business owners are waking up to the idea that they need a stronger "mobile presence" if they want to effectively reach and engage with prospects and customers… Those who do not take advantage of this trend will get left behind in the years to come… And they will finally come around after the bulk of the money has already been made by the early adopters. Just like they did and are continuing to do with "Internet marketing."

Please do not make this very common Costly Mistake!

Wouldn't you rather stand out from your competition BIG TIME because while the lemmings of internet marketing are talking about how to "make money online," you can immediately differentiate yourself by promoting an undeniably explosive growing trend!

Free and Paid Strategies for Quality Traffic and Leads

IMPORTANT: As an added free "unspoken bonus" for opting-in to receive this free report you subscribed to an email follow up series where I'm going to give you 3 of my most valuable "traffic and lead generation" blog posts.

In these 3 posts I walk you through exactly how I generate free traffic and leads with content marketing in a post that I call the,

Instant Authority Blueprint - Guide to Free Traffic and Leads with Content Marketing...

You will also receive…

Social Media Secrets - A behind the scenes look at some of my most profitable paid advertising campaigns using social media advertising platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

These 2 insanely valuable posts will show you how to implement the perfect combination of both free and paid marketing strategies.

And… If that weren't enough.. I'm also giving you access to a post about an ultra simple email trick that I use to automate sales and signups while traveling or on vacation…

Just pay close attention to your email inbox for this valuable content to be delivered within a couple days when you opted-in..

The emails will be entitled, "Free Gift (1 of 3)", "Free Gift (3 of 3)" etc.

Sound good?

I'm literally giving you some of my best training on how I drive quality traffic and targeted leads online and how you can too…

Pretty cool right?

So by now you know how to access some of my best training for getting high quality traffic and leads…

These are the exact strategies I used to generate the 1400 leads that lead to acquiring the 49 customers... That lead to making $23,046 in affiliate commissions in just 2 months.

(I’m extremely grateful to one of my long-time mentors, Andrew Cass, for opening my eyes to this revolutionary income breakthrough system and I’m honored to introduce you to him right now….

Watch the video below as Andrew shows you how we are capitalizing on the biggest marketing and communication trend of our lifetime)


The Missing Link - 2 Major Gaps In 99% of Online Opportunities

People often fail in online opportunities because they do not see results fast enough… Even if you are personally able to get fast results, or you have the patience to stick it out in its absence.. Your team members usually do not which can be devastating for customer retention which means a dwindling residual check…

Here are 2 ways our system solves that problem for new members.. (these vital elements are missing from 99% of online opportunities)

#1 - Personal Coaching

#2 - Done for you Traffic and Leads

WARNING: These are options that are amiable to our members when you "position" yourself at the higher levels of our compensation plan… You can't expect to get done for you traffic and leads OR high level private coaching for $29 a month… Lets get real here.

This is a real business which requires a real investment of both time and money…

If you're only willing to spend say… $100 to build a business, then you are only going to get a $100 education.

Which would be fine expect that your competition does invest. They invest thousands of dollars to give themselves every possible advantage to compete in this dynamic and very competitive industry… Don't believe the "here today gone tomorrow" marketers of the world who tell you that you can turn $10 into $10,000 per month with just a few clicks.

If you want to get to replace a full time income from a job or other business quickly…

If you want private coaching and mentoring and done for you traffic and leads…

If you want to make 6-figures in the next 12 months…

Then there's no way around it… You must invest both time and money in your business… And if your not willing to do that then this business (and this industry) is definitely not for you!

If you understand that building a real business takes a real investment and you are dead serious about giving yourself every possible advantage in business, then watch the 'income Breakthrough' video below right now.

Here are a few more ways our 'Income Breakthrough' system gives you an Unfair Advantage over everyone else…

  • A pay plan that pays true 100% commissions on every customer on the front end - earn up to $88 per member, per month. Combined with high ticket direct sales on the back-end where you earn $200 commissions, $800 commissions, $2,500 commissions… Up to $10,500 per customer. Talk about an income breakthrough!

  • A product and system that capitalizes on the major, emerging trend of mobile technology. There's no doubt that the mobile revolution is just heating up. Spending on mobile commerce is expected to double, every year for the next 5 years. More and more business are opening their eyes to mobile marketing solutions every day. Now you have the ability to position in a real business, selling a real product that is used by every single walking human being.

  • High converting sales funnels. Capture pages that convert over 30% of opt ins. Over 70% of foundation members immediately upgrade to the "Inner Circle" where you triple your commissions on every upgrade. This is how you build a real residual income fast. And thats just on the front end of the pay plan!

  • Cutting edge, real world, whats working now training on getting free traffic, paid traffic, maximizing sales conversions, social media strategies, content marketing and more. The system also Includes done for you content marketing resources that make it super simple to drive free traffic and leads from day one.

  • Done for you traffic packages and private coaching. These 2 elements are completely missing from 99% of other affiliate systems but they make the biggest difference in helping you get results straight out of the gate. This element is critical for team retention and long term profitability.

As I said, I’m extremely grateful to one of my long-time mentors Andrew Cass, for opening my eyes to this revolutionary income breakthrough system and I'm honored to introduce you to him right now….

Watch the video below to discover how to capitalize on the biggest marketing and communication trend of our lifetime

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