Adam’s Products

“Here is a list of my products and coaching programs designed to help you make more sales and build a more profitable business with speed pleasure and ease” – Adam Chandler

Adam’s Next Level Blueprint Course











“Mastering the 4 Pillars of a Successful 21st Century Home Business”

By Mastering the 4 Pillars of a successful 21st century business, You Will Systematically Attract More Leads, More Sales & More Profits by Actually Spending Less Time Working on Your Business.

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The ProfitMax University 7 Module











“The Profit Max University 7 Module Course is Your Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Master Marketer, Maximizing Profits and Creating a 6-Figure Income with Your Business in the Next 12 Months”

ProfitMax_Combo2Inside Profit Max You Will Learn:

  • How to create an infrastructure and a foundation for your business that can weather any storm
  • How to create a ‘bullet proof’ 6-figure annual income in the home business industry
  • How to effectively combine affiliate marketing for short-term cash flow and network marketing for long-term walk away residual income
  • How to effectively create multiple streams of home business income – so they flow like actual streams into one another – and become mighty rivers of life changing cash flow!

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100 Day Biz Builder challenge














The critically acclaimed 100 Day Biz Builder challenge is a 14 week digital coaching course designed to help you create momentum in any home based business in 100 days. Adam Chandler and Justice Eagan lead you on this journey to success by taking you by the hand and showing you step by step, how to get results in the form of traffic, leads, sales and sign ups. The course features training on social media marketing including Facebook and Google +, blogging & video content creation, a 2 part series on prospecting and recruiting and insights from 2 different 7-figure network marketing professionals.

Obviously this is WAY more than your average training course. Within your 100 day challenge you will see a major emphasis on productivity, leadership development, tracking and accountability and developing your success mindset. This course has been called a ‘leadership factory’, a ‘success incubator,’ and ‘business building bootcamp.’ Give us 100 days and we WILL get you results!

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