Ten Cent Leads, 1K Residual Income FAST and Mad Value from Last Night’s Mastermind!

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My man Jordan Schultz crushed it last night on the webinar he hosted!

Watch the webinar replay down below

This is pure entrepreneurial GOLD!

I made a cameo appearance to provide some value and so did my friend Ashley who shared exactly how she created a thousand dollar residual income stream in just 3 days with this little program…. (Ashley told me after the webinar that she was very entertained by Jordan and my shtick throughout the call which is another reason to watch it  ; ) 

Also, NOTE that somewhere in this video Jordan shares how he is getting $.10 leads (thats ten cent leads).. (not clicks but leads) using a very specific facebook pay per click strategy and Ashely shares how she created a thousand dollar residual income stream with zero advertising dollars spent. 


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Like I mention in the video I see the same opportunity here that I did back in 2008 when MLSP first launched. I was able to get fast results back then, even though at the time I was brand new to markting and no results to speak of. I was able to get fast results back then because at the time MLSP was new, it was exciting, there was a big buzz around it in the industry and people were getting results with it.

Because of those factors it was downright easy to sign people up and make money!

The same thing is happening right now with this.

I absolutely love being at the right place at the right time but I’ve learned that being in the right place at the right time does you no good unless you have the ability to recognize it and the courage to take action!

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