14,456 Targeted Social Media Followers in 90 Days | Part 3 | Lead Generation

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Welcome to part 3 of this 3 part training series on how I attracted 14,456 targeted social media follower in 90 days – and how I turn them into new “warmed up” leads in my sales funnel and marketing pipeline

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Watch or Review Part 2 Here – Building momentum & Tools for speed and leverage

Here in part 3 I’m going to show you

  • 3 powerful ways for turning your new social media followers into new leads and list subscribers
  • How to position yourself as a a trusted authority and a valuable asset to your audience
  • What kind of content to share with your followers to create more leads and further expand your audience
  • A really cool free tool for completely automating content distribution
  • The unique way I share content that sent 546 hits to one of my blog posts

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