Enjoy A Luxury, Hands On Mastermind Designed To Help You Achieve The BEST Results You've Ever Experienced In Business & Radically Increase Your Leads, Sales & Profits Fast!

If you’re the type of person that knows THIS is your industry, it’s your future, it’s the vehicle to the life that you deserve….then keep reading because you may just get there faster than you think.

We remember the days coming up. Yes we have a combined 8 years full time in the home business industry. Yes we travel regularly, generate leads and sales on command, and have done multiple successful product launches generating 100’s of thousands of dollars in sales….but that’s the “After” story….

We also started this industry with a combined 20k+ in debt, we spent years spinning our wheels, and have mad more mistakes than we care to count. Truth be told we’re lucky. MOST home business owners never get past the “struggle” phase, always sniffing breakthrough but never experiencing it.

You see….one thing that we’ve so fortunately realized as coaches and more importantly as students is that the “struggle” is a product of poor approach, education, and environment. If you haven’t experienced the type of breakthrough you’re looking for then let us explain why!

When you are left to your own devices to wing it and approach things without a real proven plan, its easy to get pulled in 1000 directions by every email, every webinar, every training…..you really don’t stand a chance. Without even knowing it you become your own worst enemy, even though it feels like you’re working extremely hard!

Education is everywhere, but it’s a blessing and a curse. You’re bombarded with strategies, and “how to” training but never provided a beginning to end action plan. There’s always something missing. Conceptually you may “get it”, but can never seem to put the pieces together.

As for your environment….well….it’s life. All the problems, all the chaos, all the noise, the responsibilities, the challenges always get in the way of your business. Worst of all, most of the people you associate with don’t see the world through the same eyes. They don’t want what you want, they don’t see what you see. You know you must surround yourself and mastermind with successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. The problem is….the digital world just CAN’T meet that need.

THE RESULT: Even some of the strongest, most talented, most driven home business entrepreneurs take years to create breakthrough in their business. We know….because that was us.

What we now know…is that it doesn't have to be that way, and we didn’t start coaching and training just to tell you how hard it has to be, and how long it has to take. We became passionate about our coaching programs because we can help you bypass a great deal of struggle and learn from not just our successes, but from our mistakes.

Now everyday home business owners spend their lives on webinars and in info products. Marginally serious home business owners get to events. Top Producers and Successful Entrepreneurs invest in high level coaching and leverage the power of “The Mastermind.” WHY?....Because one on one coaching and high level masterminds when led by experienced coaches and trainers, and participated in by serious, visionary, action taking entrepreneurs are hands down the most powerful, time-condensed vehicles for extraordinary personal and business growth.

This is why…it’s with great excitement that we introduce to you….our “Colorado VIP Luxury Mastermind”

Adam Chandler & Justice Eagan's

"Colorado VIP Luxury Mastermind"

Read this entire page and apply right now because there are only  8 Spots 4 Spots Left

Here’s how it works and what you get…..

Once through the application and interview process…if you are chosen as one of the 8 total Colorado VIP Masterminders

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of mine and Adam’s training products covering just about every marketing strategy you can think of….

Were you to buy these products on our websites RIGHT NOW it they would cost you over $1600 (Retail)….below is glimpse of just some of the products that you'll receive immediate lifetime access too....

Lifetime Access To All Current Products $1600 Value

Then….you will schedule your first of 6 one on one 30 minutes coaching calls with your choice of Adam or Justice and begin getting the hands on guidance necessary to practically cut corners in route to business breakthrough….

6 - 30 Min One On One Coaching Calls
$1600 Value

Then...once at the end of May and once in the beginning of June you will attend live 8 person Mastermind Hangouts (you will also get the recordings). On thse 2 mastermind hangouts we'll dive into your business and others to get you prepared for the Grand Finale of this one of a kind mastermind!

2 - Live 8 Person Mastermind Hangouts
$800 Value

We'll finish it all off with the ultimate hands on luxury mastermind experience in prestigious Breckenridge Colorado that includes....

3 Nights Luxury Accommodations In This 8070 Sq Ft. 8 Bedroom Breckenridge Colorado Mansion

Friday June 12th - Sunday June 14th

Bert Bledsoe

Before working with Adam & Justice I was a struggling network marketer with no experience and never making a dime online. Since following their easy directions my online business has exploded.  I generate leads daily and I have created a full time income.  The best part is all I had to do was follow a few easy steps.

Bert Bledsoe Marketer, Speaker, & Trainer
Marquel Russell

I have to be honest. I used to be an entrepreneur who used to just wing it, be all over the place and have very little (if any results to show for it).  With the help of Adam and Justice’s training, I was able to become laser beam focused on a strategic plan and within 90 Days, I was able to become the #1 recruiter in my network marketing company (out of 50,000 associates!) These guys ROCK!

Marquel Russell #1 Recruiter

Imagine 2 1/2 Days Of Hands On Training and Business Coaching By Adam, Justice & Special Guest Trainers.  Immerse Yourself In The Ultimate Luxury Training Experience With 8 Serious, Action Taking Entrepreneurs!

Jim Obrien

After being a success at everything I did I was failing miserably at my online business.  It had me feeling like a failure.  Adam & Justice coached me on the adjustments I needed to make.  Not only am I no longer frustrated, but I’ve now generated over 1400 targeted leads and have commissions coming in every single pay period.  Thanks guys.

Jim Obrien Entrepreneuer
Mark Harbert

There are very few people in this industry that I have found that care about peoples’ success more than Justice Eagan and Adam Chandler. The work they put into training is for one reason, and that is to help marketers succeed in their business. Not only have they cleared the path for you, but they are giving you all the secrets that have helped them succeed online. With these guys blazing the trail for you, your success is all but guaranteed.

Mark Harbert Mark Harbert - Top Marketer & Trainer

We Want 100% Of Your Focus On The Transformation Of Your Business, So We Are Bringing In A Chef To Prepare Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner For You Daily!

Think Lifestyle! Take Advantage Of The Ultimate Luxury Setting Both Indoor & Out For Pictures And Videos For Your Branding & Marketing!

Ray Higdon 2

I have personally worked with Adam and Justice and these guys are talented and trustworthy. They will do everything in their power to help you get to the next level

Ray Higdon 2 Time Best Selling Author & Trainer
Brian Fanale

Adam and Justice are two of the most influential leaders in the online home business space, period. I’ve witnessed these 2 leaders hold 3-month coaching programs that literally transformed the lives of hundreds of people, which is a direct reflection of the value, service, and leadership they give to anyone who’s ready to take their businesses to the next level. If you want results, these 2 can get you there

Brian Fanale Co-Founder Of My Lead System Pro

This Business If Supposed To Be Fun Right?  Finish Your Days Socializing With Fellow Masterminders, Enjoying Foosball, Darts, Pool, Arcade Games, & Theater Area!

It's Not A Destination Mastermind Without A Great Destination.  Enjoy The Sprawling Deck, Oversized HotTub & Stunning Breckenridge Mountain Views!

3 Day Live, Hands On Luxury Mastermind
$6000 Value

Imagine having us literally peer over your shoulder and guide every point, every click, every lead generating, sales creating marketing move you make. All during 2 ½ days of high-level training designed to help you attack the second half of 2015 with a bulletproof marketing plan virtually guaranteed to get you results that you didn’t think were possible!

Want Traffic Leads, and Sales?

We’re going to work on your sales funnel together building and fine tuning your giveaway, your copywriting, your sales processes, and follow up.

Then we’ll teach you everything we’re doing RIGHT NOW to drive traffic and generate leads and sales on command. Follow our lead and you will be driving traffic and generating leads before weekend's end.

In addition this hands on training will also cover topics like....

  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Prospecting & Networking
  • Webinars
  • Outsourcing
  • Product Creation
  • And So Much More

Here's a Recap of Everything You Get...

Colorado VIP Luxury Mastermind

Lifetime Access To All Of our Current Products

$1600 VALUE

6 - 30 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Calls

$1500 VALUE

2 - 8 Person Live Mastermind Hangouts

$800 VALUE

3 Day Live Luxury Mastermind In Colorado

$6000 VALUE


$9,900 VALUE



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Adam Chandler & Justice Eagan's

"Colorado VIP Luxury Mastermind"

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