5 Human Undertakings Way Harder Than Being Successful In A Home Based Business in The 21st Century

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Pretty cool huh?


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The first time I heard about the concept of effort conditioning was from Mark Hoverson, a mentor of mine who has made 8-figures in the home based business niche.


Have you ever heard of the concept of price conditioning?


As you become a more advanced marketer knowing how to price condition is important. Here’s the basic concept of price conditioning. If you are going to sell a $500 coaching program be sure to mention real stories of people who have paid and/or charged $2,000 for similar coaching programs.


When I promote my home based business opportunity, which costs $500 to get started, I will often mention the fact that my first business opportunity cost $1,995 which I didn’t have. But because I desperately wanted to improve my situation in life, I put together the money to get started within about 48 hours. See when I’m talking about $2,000 for a business opportunity, suddenly $500 doesn’t seem like a very big deal.


Pay attention to people that have mastered marketing and you will see them using price conditioning very often because it is incredibly effective.


Similarly, you can contrast your offer and effort condition your prospects. Next time you get a prospect to the buy-now page on your website and they start himming and hawing and making excuses as to why they have to wait until next week or run the decision by the fireman and the dog catcher before they get started here’s what you say…


Lets say your prospect’s name is John…


“You know John its not like we’re curing cancer here. Were just signing people up into the fastest growing industry in America. Its really not that big a deal”


Now do you understand the concept of effort conditioning?


Are you starting to see how successful marketers and successful home based business owners use contrast to make more sales and crete more profit?




Now here are 5 human undertakings WAY harder Being Successful In Your Home Based Business


As you read this list think about becoming successful in your home based business and the challenges that you’ve faced and will continue to face in doing so.


  1. Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb – You may have heard the story that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb. However he didn’t see his experiments as failures. He simply learned 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb. His resiliency paid off eventually and on top of becoming a very rich man in the process he entered his name into the history books and provided light to millions of homes where only darkness existed previously. You are most likely experiencing the luxury of Edison’s invention, just as we are speaking right now. 
  2. Building the Railroads  – The growth of the United States in the 1800’s was sloppy and often times painful. The building of the railroads would connect the east and west which would be pivotal in the economic development of the country. Making this happen would require the combined efforts of many as well as the visionary leadership of a few. Cornelius Vanderbilt was one of the visionary entrepreneurs who made it possible and he capitalized greatly in the process. In the process he became one of the richest men in the world at the time but it didn’t come without a price. Do you think blasting through rock and earth and navigating mountain ranges to build railroads was easy? Now think about your the challenges you face on a daily basis in your business. They don’t seem all that bad now do they? 
  3. successful home based businessBuilding the Hoover Dam – One of the largest construction projects in the 20th century was the building of the Hoover Dam which was built between 1930 and 1935 in the black canyon of the Colorado river bordering the states of Arizona and Nevada. If you look at the dates I just mentioned and you are a history buff like I am you know that the dam was built right in the middle of the great depression. So the project created thousands of jobs which most likely fed thousands of families in a time of great need. Such a large concrete structure had never been built before and in the end the dam provided electricity to Nevada, Arizona and California. 
  4. Building the Amway Corporation – Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andle started the Amway corporation in 1959 after being successful in a direct selling corporation called Nutrilite which implemented the first ever multilevel marketing compensation plan. They wanted to call the company the American way but they had to make it shorter so they called it Amway. Today Amway operates in over 60 companies worldwide, has nearly 4 million distributors worldwide and has reported up to 10 billion dollars in annual sales. In 1975 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided to sue Amway claiming that is was a pyramid scheme. Rich and Jay believed in what they were doing and they fought in court defending the legitimacy to their company for over 4 years. In 1979 Amway won the lawsuit and a new industry, now fully legal and legitimate, was officially born. If it were not for what Rich and Jay did in the 1970’s we would not have the multitude of amazing opportunities in the home based business industry that we have today and many successful home based business owners would not have the freedom that they currently enjoy. 
  5. Edward BurnettMy grandfathers life – My mothers father Edward Burnett was born in 1921. He lived through the great depression and fought in Italy and Northern Africa during world war 2. He had 10 children including my mother and somehow managed to keep all of them clothed and fed even though they were very poor. Grandpa was an entrepreneur. After world war 2 he started a scrap metal business which I’m happy to say is still alive and well today and providing opportunities for members of my family. My 2 youngest uncles, Edwards children Mark and Jim now run the company and have turned it into a multi-million dollar business. My father, John chandler drives a tractor trailer for the business on a part-time basis and many of my cousins also work for the scrap metal company that my grandfather started. I remember a story where my grandfather was working in his srap metal yard and a propane tank exploded near where he was working. Grandpa had to roll around in a mud puddle  to put out the flames on his back. And you thought you had problems in your business? Grandpa died in 2008 but his legacy lives on in his business and through his children and grandchildren. I often think of the hardships and struggles he had to endure when I think about the problems I have in my business and my life. And suddenly, my problems don’t seem like that big a deal anymore. 


This is how you effort condition yourself when you are about to take on a big challenge and a major undertaking.


I hope this post provided some insight into using contrast in your marketing and maybe you learned a thing or two about history in the process.


As entrepreneurs becoming successful home based business owners it is helpful to think about other entrepreneurs who have faced tough times and come out on top in the process. They learned how to be resilient which is something we all need to learn in our journey towards becoming successful entrepreneurs who positively affect the world and benefit the lives of others.


Adam Chandler


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