The 3 Keys to Success in Network Marketing

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The following 3 keys to success in network marketing can greatly improve your results in your business if you understand them. In fact, if you follow these 3 very basic, very simple key factors that I am about to lay out, you will succeed in your business, period. There is no way around it. You’ll see what I mean when you read the 3rd key..

The Three KeysGet Excited

Get excited about what you have. Do you realize that you have an amazing gift to give people?

The gift of entrepreneurship. The gift of free enterprise. Most people don’t do well in their businesses because they don’t see what they have as a gift.

They see it as a burden.They see it as selling someone a problem rather than a solution.

You have the power to wake people up to possibilities and options they did not even know they had. You can wake people up to their dreams that they have within them. Dreams that, in many cases have been beaten out of them by life and society. Wake them up to those dreams with excitement and you will be doing the world and incredible service.

You should be ecstatic about your business. Do you realize you have the power to save people? Look around you! 80% of Americans are completely upside down financially, and unless they start making some major changes in what they do to acquire money, a very devastating future lies ahead and you can help them!

If you start looking at your business in this light.. If you wake up every day and say, “today I’m going to help 5 people take control of their financial future,” and get excited about it.. Don’t you think that would dramatically affect your results?

I think most of us got started in the network marketing industry because we do have a true desire to help people. So why not stop playing small and lets put our heads together on how we can effect the lives of even more people on a larger scale. Getting excited is vital to your success in network marketing.

Pay Attention

The second key is to pay attention. Pay attention to the people who are getting the results you want. Model them. Get in front of them as often as possible. Most network marketers pay way too much attention to the wrong people and that greatly prolongs their success.

They listen to their neighbors, and their friends and family members who tell them that it’s not going to work. They may even tell you to stop dreaming because their minds have been limited, poisoned and conditioned by the negative messages of society. STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO DON”T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT. It’s very counter productive.

Paying attention to the leaders in your business and the industry allows you to see that it is possible. They got to where they are because of their own series of ups and downs and you will have to do the same. Model yourself after them and do what they do. This is one of the fast tracks to success in this, or any industry. Paying attention to the right people is a key factor in your success in network marketing.

Never Quit

The third key is to never quit and the only way to really fail is to quit. The sooner you adopt the attitude and belief that,  “I am going to do whatever it takes to succeed,” you will be well on your way. Most people have a “see what happens” attitude. They have an exit strategy before they even get started. They say, “I’ll give this owning my own business thing 3 months and if I’m not making a bunch of money I’m outta here.” Those people have quit before the even got started.

It’s unfortunate that many people get into the industry because of a bunch of hype and fluff and empty promises of “get rich quick.” This business is NOT a lottery ticket” and if more people understood this, less people would quit.

It’s important to tell your team members what to expect. I think if more people knew what to expect, less people would quit. Help them to understand that rejection is part of the process and that owning your own business is a challenge.

Tell your new team members to expect to go through an emotional roller-coaster. One day your super excited about your business and you’ve got your dreams back, and the next day someone mentions the word “pyramid” and your down in the dumps. The day after that you meet a mentor who encourages you and your back up to being super excited. This is the emotional roller-coaster and you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t worry its coming.

Those are the three keys to success in the network marketing/direct sales business. Visit the following link for more direct sales training and subscribe to my RSS feed at the top of the page for more insights regarding how to have massive success in your enterprise.

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