What “Indiana Jones’s Last Crusade” Taught Me About Success in Home Business

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In this very brief post I’m going to share a few really powerful and effective points about creating success in a home business..

My goal for you is that you apply these principals to create success in your own business with more speed pleasure and ease…

I’m going to use an example from one of my favorite movies, a classic, called “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

If you seen the movie, which you probably have… You will most likely get the reference and if you haven’t seen it you probably won’t.. But either way you’ll learn something so stick with me

Remember the scene in the movie where Indie is going through the temple and he has to navigate through all those obstacles… Like the saw blades in the beginning that severs everyone else’s heads off 🙂

3671He reaches an area that appears to be impossible to cross because there is no path… It appears as if he took a step, he would fall off the edge to his death….

But he remembers something his father wrote in the diary about “taking a leap of faith”

He feels the fear, but instead of letting the fear stop him like many people would probably do… He acts anyway!

He takes the first step and the path suddenly reveals itself

2013-May-Worldbuilding-Indiana-Jones-Leap-of-Faith-300x223That is what you must do in order to create success in any new endeavor… Especially when you’re starting out in online marketing, network marketing or you are attempting to make your path in a new industry where you have to learn new skills.

It requires a leap of faith

And it is not until you take the leap and start taking bold new actions to backup your commitment to what you said you would do, that the path will reveal itself… Make sense?

The same is true with inspiration and creativity….

You must not wait until you get an inspired thought or a creative idea to take action.

Creativity and inspiration are a byproduct of taking action. Not the other way around!

Many unsuccessful people will say (or think), “Once I get inspired I will start taking action” or “Once I get a creative idea then I’ll start taking action”

In my experience, this is the kiss of death for success seeking entrepreneurs.

Take the leap of faith… Take the first steps and then… And ONLY then will the path reveal itself…

Please leave me a comment below if these words resonated with you at all or they caused you to have an “ahha moment”

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Until next time…

Adam Chandler







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