Success Giveaway – We Have a Winner!

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Ok so the title of this blog post may be a bit misleading…

I can’t give you “Success”

That is still very much up to you! but did come up with a cool, FR*EE way to help you get there FASTER by giving you “Success”

Let me explain….

…. Last week I sent a message out to my email list with a video offering to give my duplicate copy of Success Magazine and the Success Magazine Achievers pack, audio CD series to success seekers who qualified..

This is the youtube video I originally sent out to my list to announce the details of my, “success giveaway.”
After personally reviewing all the emails from the contestant I was ready to pick a winner!

Congratulations Pablo Leon from Dallas, TX for winning the success giveaway!!

Pablo will be receiving 3 personal development audio CD’s with information from Brian Tracy on closing the sale, Seth Godin on weird and creative marketing, Rich Horwath on going from where you are to where you want to be and  much much more!

He also won a physical copy of the February 2012 edition of Success Magazine with an article entitled “21 tools, tips and tricks to boost your social media results and again, much much more…

Again congrats Pablo! I know this information will be useful in your entrepreneurial development…

To you and all my readers, keep building those success muscles! : )

Adam Chandler

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Adam Chandler

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