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Here's What You Get Access To in Additional Biz-Building Bonuses When You Buy Social Testimonial Profits Through Our Affiliate Link

7 "Market Tested" Story Post Examples and Swipe Copy PDF’s

Literally steal the exact 7 stories my students and team members used to get prospects literally reach out to them asking for the sales video about their businesses and systems. As well as the exact stories I’ve used following the Social Testimonial Profits formula to generate over 1,000 leads 50+ and tens of thousands in home business commissions in over the past 2.5 months alone

$150 Value

7 Completely Customizable Email Marketing Campaigns and Video Training for Maximizing Email Sales Conversions

List Leverage Email Profits is My Golden Goose Sales Conversion Course. You Will Receive Step-By-Step Instructions and Customizable Templates for Instantly 10X’ing Your Email Sales Conversions and Automating Profits in Your Business Access Proven Customizable Email Campaigns That…

  • Get Your Email Subscribers to Know, Like and Trust You and View You As An Authority From Day One so They Become Raving Fans and Loyal Subscribers and Team Members
  • The 5 Day Follow Up Series Designed to Turn New Leads Into New Sales and Signups In Your Business on Complete Automation
  • 2 Back to Back Campaigns for Turning Your Existing Email List Into A Pool of Excited Buyers for Any New Offer
  • A 10 Part Series Designed to Turn Old Inactive Email Subscribers Into Re-Engaged, Attentive Prospects Who Read Your Emails and View Your Sales Offers

$297 Retail Value

Crafting Your Irresistible Offer - Justice Eagan's Live Presentation at The Mile High Mastermind + Bonus Resources

The Mile High Mastermind was a live event I hosted in 2016 in Denver, Colorado with Justice Eagan, Mark Harbert and other online marketing leaders. Justice Eagan's presentation from the MHM event consists of 4 videos that take you step by step, "How to Create Your Irresistible Offer" Immediately stand out from the crowd, rise above the noise and become an authority who commands attention and profits from the marketplace.

You'll also get my entire presentation from the event where I share  "Influence Principles and Sales Funnel Conversions" for maximizing profits, expanding ROI and converting leads to sales like clockwork

Also included in this bonus is my "Mile High Mastermind Success Workbook". A 52 page workbook designed to help you get ultra clear on your Vision, Mission and Purpose in business, identifying your perfect prospects and crafting the right marketing message for them. This workbook consists of questions, exercises and examples for Business development, marketing, building your entrepreneur muscles, modeling and associations and improving productivity. Basically transforming you into a badass, profit-producing marketer and entrepreneur like Justice and I 🙂

$250 Value